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33 Party Rentals That Will Spice Up Your Next Event

Think about the last event you went to: What were you eating? Who you were with? And most importantly, what were you doing? With party rentals, the answer to that last question will truly be an unforgettable one.

From birthday parties to networking events, Atlanta party rentals take an event from ho-hum to the talk of the town. The perfect party rental uplifts any event by engaging attendees, giving strangers ways to get to know one another, and most importantly, giving your guests something to talk about long after the event wraps up. If you’re planning a party anywhere in the U.S., check out the Phoenix Amusements list of the most popular party rentals, available for rent in Atlanta and throughout America!

How party rentals work?

Party rentals are typically delivered to your event on the day it happens. The party rental company sets up your rental on-site, particularly when the party rental is big and heavy or requires a lot of assembly. Once your event is over, the same crew packs up the party rentals and transports them from your event. Whether your party rental is for a one-day event or long-term use, you should expect to do little to none of the labor – just order the rental and let the experts do the rest.

How can you use party rentals?

Among your options with Atlanta party rentals and beyond include:

  • Holiday parties: If your company is hosting a holiday party, entertain your colleagues and their guests with holiday party themes such as game time, casino night, or glow games! Find some suggestions for holiday parties here.
  • Sports events: Sports game rentals are among the most popular party rentals, and you can use them to make your next sports-themed party unforgettable for everyone in attendance. Many game rentals and event accessories can be combined for hosting the ultimate event for the Big Game, whether you’re rooting for the Falcons in Atlanta, the Cowboys in Dallas, or the Saints in New Orleans.
  • Trade shows: Use party rentals at your company’s next trade show appearance to incentivize passersby to visit your booth before swinging by others. Tall, narrow party rentals stand out from afar and occupy minimal space in your trade show booth. Plus, some party rental companies, like Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, can customize many games with your logo or branding, creating even more opportunities for visitors to get to know you.
  • Carnivals: To streamline game delivery, setup, and breakdown for your next carnival, rent carnival games instead of buying them and worrying about setup, breakdown, and storage after every event. Carnival games bring fun for all ages!Carnival Party Ideas
  • Interactive events: For any occasion at which people need to interact, rent interactive games to encourage socializing. Interactive games come in handy at networking events, company retreats, industry mixers, and other social settings.
  • Team-building days: When your company needs to drive employee morale, turn to team-building party rentals to bolster camaraderie. Not only is an individual round of a team-building game quicker to complete than traditional in-office team-building activities, but it’s certainly more fun!
  • Sales meetings and product activations: Customizable party rentals can be modified to display logos, graphics, charts, data, and all kinds of information that can come in handy at your next sales meeting or product activation. Convince potential customers and business connections of your merit in unorthodox, unforgettable ways!
  • Themed events: Whether it’s arcade night or ‘80s retro night, Atlanta party rentals can match your theme. Other theme possibilities include (but certainly aren’t limited to) sports bars and indoor carnivals!
  • Outdoor events: Outdoor events include all kinds of occasions, and there are plenty of Atlanta party rental options for your sunlit setting. Country fun and springtime picnics can be way more memorable if you rent party games for your guests!
  • College events: Show off your school spirit with customizable party rentals and offer students games they know and love. Interactive games are a great way to get new students to first chat!
  • Private Parties: Whether your planning birthday parties, next social or business event, by adding a few arcade machines or other fun activities, your private party will get all playing and having fun! Kick it up even more with adding your event's custom logo (Mitzvah's!) or custom artwork.

33 party rental ideas for your next event in Atlanta and beyond

Which party rentals are best for your next event? Consider the below ideas to get started.

If you're hosting an outdoor event in Atlanta:

  1. Giant Scrabble has immense novelty value and is easy to play. Best of all, the weighted tiles won’t blow away in the wind or wrinkle at the slightest move.
  2. Giant Beer Pong is a classic college challenge made life-sized, and these red garbage cans won’t topple even on the breeziest afternoons.
  3. Soccer Kicking Challenge rentals mean you can kick the ball without a whole field or a cheap goal rental that can barely stand up straight.

If you're engaging customers at a trade show: 

  1. NBA Hoops, a simple but fast-paced basketball challenge that you can customize to market your business.
  2. Football Challenge, which stands out from rows away in massive convention centers.
  3. Awesome Mobile Mini Golf, a portable, 9-hole minigolf course unlike any other golf rental (and it’s customizable, too!)

If you're organizing an arcade night:

  1. Ms. Pacman is just like the original classic Pacman, but with more than one level (and just as many ghosts!)
  2. Pool is a classic table game that’s as common in everyday pubs and bars as at arcades.
  3. LED Foosball takes another bar and arcade staple and makes it lit!

If you want to showcase your brand at a trade show: 

  1. Prize Cube Claw Machine, for a branded rental unit with branded prizes!
  2. Whac A Mole, so your guests can whack way more than just moles -- including branded objects.
  3. NBA Hoops Basketball Machine  , where the branding starts with the balls and ends with the backboard.

If you're setting up a game room for employees at your office:

  1. Foosball is a break room classic that everyone loves!
  2. Super Kixx Dome Soccer is a compact, adrenaline-packed sports table game through which your colleagues can forget about work stresses for a bit.
  3. Ms. Pacman is an arcade classic that’s great for two players – employees and supervisors, two marketing team members, CEOs and secretaries!

If you're hosting a holiday party:

Fun Holiday Party Ideas


  1. Air Hockey isn’t just a two-player game. It’s a crowd builder!
  2. Karaoke is perfect for helping employees let their guard down around the higher-ups at holiday parties.
  3. Horse Racing Bounce A Ball is competitive and quick, so your whole team can play over the course of the night.

If you're setting up a college event:

  1. Dance Dance Revolution is like being right back at home!
  2. NASCAR puts students in the driver’s seat.
  3. Awesome Portable Mini Golf serves up that suburban mini-golf feel for a sweet dose of hometown nostalgia and we might be able to spell your college out in the course!

If you're organizing a carnival: 

  1. Skee Ball, an easy (and easily replayable) point-getter for your next game night under the stars.
  2. Megawire, a carnival novelty that are a unique departure from the typical carnival game.
  3. Carnival Bounce A Ball, a modern twist on the classic horse racing boardwalk game.

If you're hosting a casino-themed event: 

  1. Zoltar, a fortune-telling machine that can predict whether your guests will win big tonight.
  2. Awesome Portable Mini Golf, so guests can take bets on where the ball will go on this oddly curved, half-sized golf course.
  3. Horse Racing Bounce A Ball, a miniature version of placing bets on a traditional horse race.

If you're throwing a Super Bowl  bash: 

  1. Football Pass Challenge is a great way for football fans to play the game too!
  2. Awesome Portable Mini Golf is a nice change of pace for an all-around sports fan.
  3. UBQB Football Pass simulates the thrill of the Big Game and kick it up with our turf rug and portable bleachers!

If you're running a pop-up arcade:

  1. Donkey Kong first introduced the now-ubiquitous video game character Mario years ago, and now, it’s a legendary game with an entire subculture.
  2. Upright Fast N Furious lets your guests race to the finish line without ever taking a seat.
  3. Centipede gives your guests the power to enjoy a classic arcade game with guns blazing.

If you're planning a kid's birthday party:

  1. Mini Air Hockey Table provides a mini air hockey made for the younger age groups.
  2. Mini Basketball Arcade gives the little ones a real basketball arcade to play.  No one needs to hold them to shoot to win!
  3. Cotton Candy Vending Machine gives your guests the power to enjoy a classic cotton candy with no attendant.

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