Giant Scrabble

Awesome Giant ScrabblePlaying Giant Scrabble OutdoorsPlaying Scrabble at School
Playing Giant Scrabble Outdoors
Awesome Giant Scrabble
Playing Giant Scrabble Outdoors
Playing Scrabble at School

Giant Scrabble

Giant Scrabble Anyone?

We rent a giant revision of the actual SCRABBLE® board game!

Our giant SCRABBLE® uses a giant game board, so no one can trip over a cloth gameboard or the wind blowing the game setup.  Great outdoor game addition to any Friday breakout session at work, corporate team building,  company picnic or Mitzvah celebration.

  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    78"l x 78"w
  • Weight

    35 lbs


Our giant scrabble game is great for team building and corporate events! You could play where a team of 2 people play on each of the four holders or they switch playing stations every few minutes! Watch and enjoy as you find your guests spelling out just how much fun they’re having. Giant Scrabble is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Our game comes complete with a durable, outdoor/indoor game board, a full set of tiles and four tile holders! Those who love the game will find a new challenge in a board so big, you have to walk over it! Giant Scrabble is a big game with the giant scrabble board measuring 6.5′ x 6.5′. Large tiles measuring 5″ x 5″ with four wooden holders to spell your words!

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