Mini Basketball Arcade for Kids

Mini Basketball Arcade for Kids

Looking for fun activities for your younger guests? Or planning a birthday party and all the games are too big? This small sized basketball machine is the same solid build as the larger full size basketball arcade machines. The best part? It’s the right size and height for those smaller players!

Mini Basketball Arcade For Kids – Features & Specs

  • Easy gameplay perfect for 2-8 yr olds
  • Moving Hoop (but just enough for children)
  • Great basketball made in mind for kids
  • Special Kid-Sized Basketballs (not foam ones!)
  • Gorgeous arcade with vivid, colorful artwork, gleaming LED lights, and great background sounds
  • Newly installed LED lighting
  • Small surface area draws guests attention without dominating the room
  • More than half the size of our standard Basketball Arcade Machines like Hoop Fever, Super Shot or NBA LED Hoops
  • Assembly handled on-site by Phoenix Amusements
  • DIMENSIONS: 61″ L x 28″ W x 28″ H
  • ELECTRICITY: 120 V, 4 amps
  • WEIGHT: 680 lbs
  • Pairs well with other sports game rentals, classic arcade games, and interactive games!
  • Electricity

    110v; 4ams
  • Dimensions

    72" L x 36" W x 78"H
  • Weight

    680 lbs


Mini Basketball Arcade for Kids

Searching for a basketball machine made for kids? This small sized basketball arcade for kids rental will do just that. This classic basketball arcade sports game is exciting for the younger guests since they can play it on their own. This fast-paced, action-heavy game is an arcade classic of the very popular Full Court Fever and a favorite for young. Mini-Dunxx offers the same great play and excitement that you find with standard basketball arcade machines, just at a height and size that comfortably works for kids ages 2-8.

For such a riveting, intense game, basketball is super easy to play. Basic gameplay just involves a basketball and hoop. The goal is simple: throw the ball into the hoop. Sounds easy enough, right? There’s a challenge within this deceptively simple game. Even so, kid’s love to play our Mini Dunxx Basketball! Especially one that’s fits their size.

It’s not just the thrill of the game that makes this mini basketball arcade rental well worth your while. This small sized basketball arcade model is also a total stunner, with newly installed LED lights and vivid graphics on the arcade machine too. These lights bring the arcade game to the next level, a step up from the classic, glow-less setup. The Mini Dunxx increases the game with a pivoting backboard with just enough movement in the hoop to make it fun and exciting for kids of all ages. The great background music, kid-friendly scoring, along with the soft & small bouncy balls make this game a must have for any family party.

No Worries with Our Mini Basketball Arcade for Kids

If you’re worried about assembling such a big, complicated unit, then rest assured that Phoenix Amusements will take that burden off your hands. Our team handles all setup on-site, but keep this mini basketball arcade for kid’s size in mind: this can’t be delivered up or down stairs, but this smaller table may fit in the average elevator. For added effect, pair it with another lit-up, fast-paced game such as the Air Hockey for Kids or the NBA LED Hoops Basketball for the grown-ups or another arcade staple such as Whac a Mole.

  • EASY, FUN GAMEPLAY: Whether you’re someone with absolutely no arcade game or sports game experience or someone who’s pro-level this arcade classic, you’ll easily have a super fun time playing basketball.
  • PRO-LEVEL BASKETBALL FOR KIDS: This basketball machine is made like the ones used in FECs, so you can have casual, fast-paced fun while using the same equipment as the world’s most talented basketball players.
  • ALL EYES ON YOU: With this children’s basketball game, you’ll be sure to draw in eyes from across the room. That’s because it’s made using gorgeous, colorful graphics, vivid chasing LED lights, and a truly colorful arcade. And at roughly 12 square feet of surface area, this air hockey table for kid’s rental does not need to dominate the room to gather a crowd.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: At Phoenix Amusements, we handle the mini basketball rental for kid’s assembly for you. As long as your rental involves no moving the table up or down stairs or using an elevator to transport it, we can easily put this table together on-site and ensure that your next corporate event runs smoothly.

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