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Make a splash at your next event!

Custom arcade machines from Phoenix Amusements put your brand or product at the center of the action. Select from our wide range of games that are delivered nationally from our Atlanta, GA headquarters.

Learn more about what renting a custom arcade machine can do for your business!

What customized games are available – and why do you need them?

When it comes to custom arcade machines, your options span a variety of game rental categories. Whether you’re looking for sports games, carnival games, or racing simulators for your next corporate event, we offer many customizable game rental options.

You can customize game rentals to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other branding to take your event from unique to unforgettable! Guests who play these games will learn about your company’s products and services while having fun. The information your customization provides will often be intriguing enough to not just stick with your guests, but encourage them to look into your company even more. And if they have any immediate questions, you can always answer them right away on-site.

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Ways you can use a custom-branded game

Custom arcade machines are an excellent way to get your brand in front of audiences, whether these audiences comprise potential new business contacts, current customers, or even your own employees.

Consider a networking event that your company is hosting as an example. There, a custom-branded game doesn’t just provide a potential icebreaker that accelerates and eases networking. It also provides you with an opportunity to display your company’s branding and get your basic information in front of more people.

Similarly, a custom-branded game rental can add additional fun and information to your next trade show booth, product activation, corporate sales meeting, or other events at which you’re aiming to advertise your products and services to new clients and customers in an unusual, memorable way. Not sure which game, check out this article for more fun branded arcade machines.

Custom-branded games are great for use at the office, too. If your company is hosting a party or wants to spice up the break room, you can customize your game rental with graphics that showcase the brand, sticking to the theme, or commemorating a notable anniversary, sale, merger, or other noteworthy achievements.

Work in TV or film? If you’re building a set for a film, TV, music video, or ad shoot, you can customize game rentals to make your props even more realistic for your project’s setting.

How do custom arcade machines work?

Once you’ve selected from our customizable games, we get to work bringing your vision to life! We’ll send the templates for the games and then you send us your artwork, and we print it out and add it to the backboard of a basketball game, the arcade cabinet’s outside, or whichever other parts are available to skin with your brand. If you don’t have a graphics department, we can help you out! Plus, since we handle all game setup and breakdown on your behalf, getting the game to your event or office is a breeze!

Which parts of an arcade game can be customized?

Although no two games can be customized in exactly the same ways, you have a wealth of customization options no matter which rental you choose. Need to display your company’s logo on a big backdrop or rear panel? Many games allow for that. Want to give your guests customized items they can take home after your event? We offer several carnival and trade show games that can be customized with your branding or messaging. We can also customize the side wraps and gameplay materials of certain games to match your theme or display your company’s branding.

Available custom branded games from Phoenix Amusements

We offer a wide variety of games you can customize! Below is a partial list of our customizable carnival, trade show, racing, and sports game options that are great for engaging your co-workers, employees, and other guests at your next corporate event:

  • NBA Hoops Basketball Game
  • Super Shot Basketball Game
  • Hoop Fever Basketball Game
  • UBQB Football Toss Game
  • Football Toss Challenge
  • Soccer Kicking Challenge
  • Claw Machines
  • Whac A Mole
  • Skee Ball
  • and more!

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