NBA Hoops Basketball
Arcade Game with LED Lights

NBA Hoops Basketball
Arcade Game with LED Lights


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Basketball arcade game rentals are some of the most popular game rentals out there, and the NBA Hoops Basketball with LED Lights game is the best in show. It boasts hoops large enough to accommodate regulation-size 8.5” basketballs, and its durable polycarbonate backboard gives your shot just the right bounce to sail smoothly into the hoop. This generic model isn’t just great for kids and adults alike – it lacks the usual NBA branding, giving you full customization abilities for corporate events, trade show booths, and all manner of other settings.

  • Simple gameplay for kids, adults, basketball fans, and non-athletes alike
  • Four units available to rent for single-person or competitive gameplay
  • Tall cage gives plenty of room for arch shots
  • Customize the basketball hoop rental and the basketballs
  • Tough polycarbonate backboard provides proper bounce for easy scoring
  • Five regulation-size 8.5” basketballs per rental unit
  • LED lights brightly, vividly display time, score, and game status
  • Downward slant ensures basketballs return to you quickly, accelerating gameplay
  • Each basket counts for one additional point during final 10 seconds
  • Useful for settings including but not limited to corporate events, trade show booths, activations, and themed events
  • Dimensions: 10’ L x 2.5’ W x 9 ⅔’ H
  • Weight: 750 lbs
  • Electricity: 120v AC, 10A
  • Electricity

    120v AC ,10A
  • Dimensions

    10’ L x 2.5’ W x 9 ⅔’ H
  • Weight

    750 lbs.


Step up and take your shot, alone or against the competition. The NBA Hoops Basketball with LED Lights basketball arcade game puts you at the perfect distance to score, and several units can be placed next to each other for the ultimate multi-player showdown. Adults and kids alike can land baskets with a thrilling swoosh or bounce the ball off the sturdy polycarbonate backboard. This generic, fully customizable game is the best basketball hoop rental available near your event, whether you’re trying to show off your logo or branding at a corporate holiday party, trade show, or many more activations!

Gameplay couldn’t be more simple, even for people who don’t regularly play basketball. You’ll have five basketballs at your disposal, and you’ll shoot them at the basket – no defense players guarding it, no moving hoop – in hopes of scoring as many times as possible before time runs out. The intensity ramps up in the final 10 seconds, when each basket scored becomes worth three points instead of the usual two.

When you’re playing against as many as three other people – Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta has four units of this basketball arcade game available – those final ten seconds are essential. That’s why the NBA Hoops Basketball with LED Lights is slanted downward – every ball you roll will quickly return to you, allowing you to take as many shots as you can during gameplay without changing how you aim and throw.

The NBA Hoops Basketball with LED Lights includes:

  • Regulation-size basketballs and hoops
  • Large, bright LED timer near backboard
  • Control panel with player score, time, and more
  • Ability to be set up for competitive game-play
  • Easy to master for kids, adults, basketball fans, and non-athletes alike

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Extended Description

  • SIMPLE GAMEPLAY: Kids, adults, basketball fans, and non-athletes can all easily understand and enjoy a straightforward, short-distance basketball toss.
  • TALL CAGE: Sink those arch shots with ease! The taller cage allows for plenty of room to strut your stuff.
  • FOUR UNITS AVAILABLE: With one unit, this basketball arcade game makes for a riveting single-person experience. Phoenix Amusements has four NBA Hoops Basketball with LED Lights units available to rent, so you can pit up to four folks against one another side by side.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: This generic sports game rental can be modified to display your brand’s logo or customized in many other ways perfect for your event. You can even customize the basketballs!
  • REALISTIC EXPERIENCE: The NBA Hoops Basketball with LED Lights game’s basketballs and hoops are regulation-sized for the most realistic basketball arcade game experience possible.
  • LED LIGHTS: Easily keep track of time, score, and game status with bright LED displays near the durable polycarbonate backboard.
  • INTENSE HOME STRETCH: Throughout gameplay, each basket scored counts for two points – that is, until that value increases to three points during the final 10 seconds, making for an intense, make-or-break home stretch.
  • GREAT FOR ALL SETTINGS: This custom sports game simulator brings corporate events, trade show booths, activations, soccer-themed events, and other occasions to life.

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