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Hosting any event is fun! Just the sheer number of people and the excruciating amount of hard work that goes into organizing it to seeing it all come through on the day of the event can be one long but enormously fun ride. On top of it all, ensuring an adequate turnout while making it worth their while to attend, is a task in itself. This is where choosing the right event idea or theme can make a world of difference.

In fact, the best way to enhance any event is to tie it all together with a theme. From a trade show booth to an employee appreciation celebration, here are some events that incorporated our games. These theme and event ideas are sure to get guests in the spirit of the party. Keep checking back to this page, we will continue to update with new event photos!

Claw Machine Rentals

Different types of engagement activities for your trade show!

Claw Machines definitely get attendees to your booth! Usually there’s so much going on at a tradeshow that’s it really hard to grab someone’s attention. Trying to attract more people to your booth to have time to create a bond? Claw Machine rental may be your answer! Phoenix Amusements provides a few different claw machine rentals to increase your booth attendance and allow your salespeople the additional time to speak to new prospective clients, as well as create a show floor buzz. We work with you in deciding on prizes that you can provide or we can help out. If you’re providing the prizes, we just ask that you either provide us samples or understand that the claw itself has limitations. By us testing the claw machine with your prize, we’re able to ensure that the claw machine can pick up your prize and that the prize will fit in the chute. There’s a few ways to eliminate this concern by using either empty capsules that you place prizes into or we can stuff for you. Or you can use color coded prizing. Color Coded prizing allows you to coordinate the total look of your claw machine and the options to control how many prizes correspond to each color ball (stress balls, squishy balls, etc.). If you wish us to provide the prizes, we will need some general direction from you like your budget for prizes, how many prizes do you plan on giving away and what kind of prize. For instance, stuffed animals can range from $1 to $75 each. It all depends on the size and licensing of products. We can work with you! We also require tokens to be used with our claw machines. We have found through out the years, that by using tokens, it diminishes the motor of the claw machine from burning out. When you do not use claw machine tokens, the guest stays in front of the machine until they win the prize they want. This does not give the claw machine a chance to re-set the claw/motor and in-turn burns the motor out. By using tokens, you also eliminate your competitors playing and winning your prizes too! We provide generic tokens, but you can also customize too. One of our clients customized their tokens and then attached to a pre-printed card as a call to action that were placed in VIP gift bags in attendees hotel rooms to drive them to their booth! We offer two types of claw machines; the Prize Cube (white with LED lights) and the Grab N Go Claw Machine (black color). We have multiples of each type of crane. We also offer custom wraps or branding for our entertainment to further promote your company. Working with our event specialists, we’ll suggest trade show traffic builders to fit your booth size, theme and budget. With over 50 years in business, we have the expertise, knowledge and skill sets to find that perfect trade show traffic builder for your next expo.

Claw Machine Rental Options

Awesome SuperBowl Ideas

Great Football Themed Games and more for the next Super Bowl Party or VIP Room!

Whether your event is a Super Bowl party, a VIP room for the Game or a football themed event, we have a variety of games to fit your needs. Let us know if you’re in need of prizing or just how to give away prizes. We can work with you and your budget to find the perfect fit. From customizing pool tables with your team’s logo the felt, printing your own tokens for our claw machine, we have options to fit your engagement activity. Here you will find a variety of events that focus on this football themed corporate events, football party ideas or activation. Hopefully it will help you in planning or give you ideas to help direct you in your football event game selections. For VIP rooms, we receive requests for a variety of games not only football themed for game day or week-long activities. Classic Retro games are a favorite along with games that fit a sports bar theme (foosball, air hockey, etc.). It all depends on the space available and your guests demographics. Give us a call and let us help you!