Skee Ball Machine

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Rent skee ball machine
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rent skee ball machine

Skee Ball Machine

Great as traffic builders for tradeshows and as ice breakers for company sales meetings.  And don’t forget those boardwalk or carnival themed parties! Another great feature of skee ball game rental is that any age can play! And we can link up to 6 units.  Call today for your arcade game rentals!

Bring this classic arcade staple to you! Skee ball is a beloved favorite by young and old alike. To play, just roll the ball up the ramp, but aim carefully – the smaller targets earn you more points! Skee ball is fun in single-player mode, but if you rent between two and six skee ball machines, you can bring the best in straightforward but fast-paced arcade competition to your next trade show, activation, company sales meeting, or other corporate setting.

  • Fast-paced, fun, and super simple to play and understand
  • Roll the ball up the ramp carefully but forcefully enough to land in high-point areas
  • Ramp length of 10 feet for challenging but compact gameplay
  • Rent one unit for single-player mode or two to six units for competitive gameplay
  • Classic arcade game great for corporate sales meetings, trade show booths, activations, and other settings
  • DIMENSIONS: 2.5’ W x 10 ⅙’ L x 6 ¼’ H
  • WEIGHT: 380 lbs
  • Pairs well with other classic arcade games as well as sports game rentals, trade show traffic builders, and more
  • Electricity

    120V, 3A
  • Dimensions

    2.5’ W x 10 ⅙’ L x 6 ¼’ H
  • Weight

    380 lbs


There’s a reason skee ball has been an arcade staple for more than a century. First invented in 1909, this game is rapid, entertaining, and super easy to play and understand. Just roll your ball up the ramp to score points, but be careful where you aim and how hard you roll – your point total is at stake!

When you step up to your skee ball game rental, smooth and heavy baseball-sized skee balls will make their way to the bottom of the ramp for your throwing pleasure. Your goal is to roll each ball up the ramp and sink it into the highest-point hole possible. The rings that are farther away from you and harder to reach earn you the most points, but the two big yellow and red regions ensure that virtually any ball you roll up the ramp will add to your score. Whoever gets the highest score wins – and when you’re playing against as many as five other people, skee ball quickly becomes a last-moment mad dash!

You can easily rent a skee ball machine for your corporate event, trade show booth, carnival, arcade, or virtually any event (even a wedding or a sweet 16!) to give attendees an entertaining, casual way to socialize and enjoy themselves. And skee ball doesn’t take up a ton of space either – even with a full six-unit skee ball game rental order, you can easily relegate the commotion to just a sliver of the room.

Rent a skee ball machine for your next event to:

  • Offer competitive fun for everyone in attendance
  • Encourage icebreakers at company sales events
  • Entertain adults and kids in equal measure
  • Provide a fast-paced game that won’t get old quickly
  • Give event attendees something to watch, cheer on, and partake in without completely dominating your event’s floor space

To bring the best in arcade fun to your next event, pair skee ball with other arcade classics such as Big Buck Hunter or sports game rentals such as the Soccer Kicking Challenge!

  • CLASSIC ARCADE FUN: Rent a skee ball machine to bring one of the most entertaining classic arcade games to your next event! It doesn’t get much simpler than rolling a ball up a ramp and scoring points no matter where you land.
  • BIG BUT COMPACT: A typical skee ball unit ramp runs 10 feet, so when step up to roll your ball, you’ll have to send it a solid distance to score points. But these arcade rentals aren’t nearly big enough to dominate a whole room! Even with six rental units aligned side by side, gameplay remains restricted to just a sliver of your available area.
  • GREAT FOR CROWDS: Rent two to 4 units to encourage competitive gameplay. As more people compete, more onlookers will gather around to watch, breeding a fun atmosphere where people can pass time with friends, colleagues, and new connections.
  • PERFECT FOR: Corporate sales meetings, trade show booths, activations, themed events, and all sorts of other settings.

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