Giant Beer Pong

Giant Pong using 55 gallon CupsGiant Beer Pong in Ballroom
Giant Pong using 55 gallon Cups
Giant Pong using 55 gallon Cups
Giant Beer Pong in Ballroom

Giant Beer Pong

Beer Pong kicked up a way bunch!  Our Giant Beer Pong has no branding so it’s family friendly!  Giant Beer Pong gets everyone playing!

  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    20'l x 8'w x 33"h
  • Weight

    120 lbs


Giant 55 Gallon Red Cups

Giant Beer Pong Game rental is a super sized version of the classic beer pong game. The table beer pong game is played with classic RED SOLO cups. Our Giant Beer Pong Game for rent is using giant “replicas” or the classic RED SOLO cups. To make it look and feel just like the original classic table Beer Pong Game.

To make the classic RED SOLO cups giant, we use oversized 55-gallon red trash cans to look just like the original RED SOLO cups. The balls are replaced with white volleyballs to make it look like oversized “ping pong” balls. It is to maintain the appearance so you can play this game the same way you play the classic table beer pong game. This game is especially designed to play in the park, on the beach, in a ballroom (watch out for chandeliers!) or even large office.

Our Giant Pong (there is no branding on the game) but is played like beer pong except we use Red heavy duty cans measuring 32″ wide x 33″ tall. 6 are placed in a triangle on each end and you throw volleyballs into cans from opposite sides. There’s several ways to play. One way is to have 2 Teams that play to eliminate the other team. Overall goal is to eliminate the other teams’ “cups” before one’s own “cups” are eliminated. When a ball lands in a trash can or “cup”, that can or “cup” is eliminated.

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