Football Pass Challenge

Football Pass Challenge

Looking for football party games that get you to the goal line? With the Football Pass Challenge, the touchdown is in your hands. Get the football past the defender and into the hands of your wide receiver with this big game rental perfect for activations, corporate events, football-themed parties, carnivals, trade show booths, and more!

  • Perfect football party game for activations, football-themed events, trade show booths, and more
  • Test your accuracy, arm strength, and timing as you throw your football to the wide receiver at the other end
  • 20-second time limit for each player to encourage team play and give everyone a chance to throw the ball
  • Team dynamics and modest size draw crowds and keep them entertained no matter your event’s size
  • Easy, low-stakes fun for sports fans and non-athletes alike
  • Two different setups available to bring this simulator to various rooms, including, but not limited to: outdoor events with bleachers and sports games, traveling carnivals, classic arcades, and corporate spaces
  • Surround sound system with microphone broadcasts music and sports sounds
  • Top-mounted LED lights with nighttime and low light setups
  • Dimensions: 20’ L x 12’ W x 11′ H (need 12′ clearance to install)
  • Electricity: 120v AC/10A 
  • Weight: 2,000 lbs

  • Electricity

    120V AC / 10A
  • Dimensions

    20' L x 12' W x 11' H (need 12 feet clearance to install)
  • Weight

    2,000 lbs


Love being in control of your team’s offense? With the Football Pass Challenge, you’re the star quarterback – and the touchdown is in your team’s hands.

This football party game puts you in a direct line with your wide receiver, but there’s a catch: A defensive player is in the way. Test your accuracy and arm strength as you throw the football past the side-sweeping defensive player directly into the wide receiver’s arms. Step up, aim for the hole, and make the throw – you just might score the goal that wins the game for your team.

Just be sure to make your pass quickly! The Football Pass Challenge has a time limit for each player on your team to get the ball moving. Keep an eye on the clock to keep this big game rental rolling and increase your team’s overall score. With all this fun packed into a space way smaller than a football field, this football party game draws crowds and keeps people entertained at small and big events alike. Plus, with two different setups available, you’ll have no trouble fitting this football party game into all manner of settings.

The Football Pass Challenge is just as fun for sports lovers as for the less athletically inclined! You don’t need to know anything about football to have fun tossing the ball to your wide receiver located mere feet away. There’s none of the pressure of a real-life football game, just the excitement and support of your colleagues and friends – exactly the people you want at your side when you score the goal that wins the big game.

Looking to kick the game up a notch? Add the Football Turf and Bleachers to the Football Pass Challenge to really bring the football field to your event. Get that gameday feeling without even hitting the field!

  • FOOTBALL PARTY GAME: You don’t need a field to play football! The Football Pass Challenge brings the game to your space, whether that’s a tradeshow booth, activation, football-themed occasion, carnival, corporate event, or something else.
  • ACCURACY AND ARM STRENGTH: Get in the booth and see how well you can hit your target! You’re the starting QB in this big game football simulator.
  • 20-SECOND TIME LIMIT: When you step up to throw the ball to your wide receiver, you’ll have to make the pass quickly, just like if you were on a real football field. The Football Pass Challenge’s time limits aren’t just for simulating a real game – they make sure everyone can get in on the fun.
  • TOP MOUNTED LED LIGHTS: Shine bright even in outdoor nighttime or indoor low light scenarios. The top-mounted LED lights illuminate the Football Pass Challenge and make them easy and fun to play.
  • NO LEARNING CURVE: The Football Pass Challenge is fun and easy for football lovers and non-athletes alike!

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