Cotton Candy Machine Rental

Cotton Candy Machine Rental – Vending Machine!

Amaze your guests with an automatic Cotton Candy Machine Rental that’s a Vending Machine! Rent our Cotton Candy Machine to take your event to the next level! Watch your guest’s enjoyment, as the cotton candy machine creates their cotton candy in one minute! First your guest presses the start button and then watches the Cotton Candy Vending Machine, swirl cotton candy on the stick.  Next, your guest slides the door open and takes their own cotton candy serving. Classic carnival concession with a twist!  No attendants, no touching and perfect every time. Our rentals such as the Cotton Candy Machine rental can help to build crowds, draw passersby, drive interaction, and enhance your birthday party, social event or trade show booth.  Pick your cotton candy flavor to match your event colors, logo colors or even for a gender reveal!

  • Classic Carnival Concession Food with no mess; set to “free”.
  • Draw passersby to trade show booth with easily visible, enticing cotton candy vending! Your very own cotton candy maker!
  • Great for kids birthday parties or gender reveals, or graduation parties and proms!
  • Perfect for themed events like Carnival, Candyland Parties, Blippi Party, and more…
  • Fun, easy to use vending machine helps to drive interaction at social events, birthday parties and networking events
  • Great prop for ads, tv shows, music videos, and film sets
  • Setup, breakdown, and storage handled by Phoenix Amusements
  • ELECTRICITY: 120V; 13A
  • DIMENSIONS: 26” L x 34” W x 66” H
  • WEIGHT: 463 lbs
  • Pairs well with other concession rentals, arcade games, trade show games, and interactive games as well as racing simulators and carnival games!
  • Electricity

    13 amps
  • Dimensions

    26" L x 34" W x 66"H
  • Weight

    463 lbs


How to Make Cotton Candy Without a Machine?

What comes to mind when “cotton candy” is mentioned?  Do you envision those carnival or county fair days? Or an attendant standing behind a table with a cotton candy machine on top?  The smell and taste of freshly made cotton candy is unforgettable.  So light and fluffy! And the smell is so yummy! Now image a machine making cotton candy in front of you! Our Cotton Candy Vending Machine creates one serving per minute. No attendant or server needed! If machine is filled to maximum level of your favorite candy floss, 400 servings can be produced without re-stocking the cotton candy floss. Best of all, with this Cotton Candy Machine rental, the annoyances of setup, operating (messy!) breakdown, and storage are taken off your hands – we take care of all that for you!

Party Rental Cotton Candy Machine Rental

  • ICONIC CONCESSION FOOD: Cotton Candy is a must when thinking of concession foods! Tie in your theme or brand by selecting flavors that match your event colors. Some of the favorite floss favors include Blue Raspberry, Pink Vanilla, Grape, Bubble Gum, Chocolate and Green Apple to name a few.  We can also combine flavors if you’d like.  Keep in mind we can not change out the flavors during your event.
  • BUILD CROWDS: Use this concession food for rent to draw passersby to your trade show booth. Not only is this cotton candy vending machine highly visible from far away, but your booth might be one of very few at the trade show with a fun and unique attraction to play, increasing the chances that passersby will visit your setup.
  • BREAK THE ICE: This cotton candy vending machine rental drives interaction among people, whether longtime colleagues or potential new business partners at a networking event. If you need to get people talking, this is your go-to rental!
  • UNIQUE ENTERTAINMENT: Our Cotton Candy Vending Machine rental truly stands out for your next ad, TV show, music video, or film set. There, it can make your set appear far more realistic if your project takes place at a birthday party, arcade, or even a fair or carnival. Plus, since we handle all setup, breakdown, and removal, your set-building will be much less of a hassle!
  • PRO-LEVEL: This cotton candy machine rental is the real deal, the same model used in movie theaters and stadiums. This is truly a cotton candy maker!  You wouldn’t give your employees and clients a less-than-professional experience – why skimp on the cotton candy machine?
  • GREAT FOR KIDS: The layout of the machine makes it ideal for kids to view the machine creating their cotton candy. Besides them being excited to watch, they will be so excited to get their own cotton candy made in front of their eyes automatically!
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Add your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding items to your cotton machine rental nearby so that, as guests walk up for their fresh, fluffy snacks, they see your business’s name or guest of honor’s graphics and get introduced to your products and services. Great for trade shows, networking events, and other external corporate affairs along with kids or adult birthday parties!

Awesome Arcade Games Ideas for Party Rentals

When you rent arcade games, carnival games, or carnival food makers like Cotton Candy makers and hot dog rollers for your next corporate event, you increase the chances of guests engaging with your brand (not to mention each other). Consider these options for your private dinner parties or kids birthday party too! Without these accessories, you might miss out on even better engagement opportunities. Event accessories can capitalize on the massive appeal of your event while adding minimal extra work to your already busy event.

If you want to cap your sports-themed or sneaker’s ball event with something unforgettable, we offer event accessories such as basketball machine rentals, gigantic football turf rugs and portable bleachers. If you want to offer snacks while driving brand engagement, rent our popcorn machine that can be customized to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding items! And if your event needs a good dash of retro or psychedelic fun, we have accessories including funhouse mirrors and neon retro carpeting to get the job done. You can even use event accessories to add space to your event too via bleachers and pub tables.

To amplify the effects arcade game rentals can have on your private party, corporate event or project, pair this Cotton Candy Vending Machine rental with other concession rentals such as Popcorn Machine and Frozen Coffee Treats or interactive games such as Chaos Strike a Light and Skee Ball. With an array of game rentals available for your event or project, you’re set for success! Contact Phoenix Amusements, based in Atlanta but delivering nationwide, to learn more about how game rentals can benefit your private party or business!

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