Karaoke Machine

This karaoke equipment rental isn’t your ordinary karaoke machine. You won’t have to deal with the hanging wires, audio piece connections, and small tablets common in so many other karaoke rentals. Instead, this unit is an all-inclusive behemoth with a 24-inch touch screen for song selections, 42-inch monitor for lyrics and videos, and two wired microphones. With over 30,000 songs available for singing along, this touchscreen karaoke machine is the best around, and you can customize its wrap with your company’s branding, use multiple monitors, request extra mics, and choose from 10 different languages!

Karaoke Machine Rental Features & Specs

  • No dangling wires, loosely connected audio parts, and small tablets impossible to read
  • Karaoke Machine with Screen-42-inch monitor for lyrics and videos on top (second monitor available on request)
  • 24-inch touch screen with access to over 30,000 songs
  • Includes one wired microphone, and additional mics are available on request
  • Can be pre-programmed in one of 10 different languages
  • Customize wrap to display company branding to guests unfamiliar with your products
  • Use on film sets to make environment realistic without difficult setup or breakdown
  • DIMENSIONS: 20” W x 15.5” L x 100” H
  • WEIGHT: 100 lbs
  • Pairs well with other interactive games as well as team-building games, arcade games, and event accessories!
  • Electricity

    120AC, 6 amps
  • Dimensions

    20"W x 15.5"L x 100"H
  • Weight

    100 lbs


Looking to rent karaoke machine for your next corporate event? Look no further. Your co-workers, employees, and other guests can unabashedly sing their hearts out to their favorite songs. Don’t worry about dealing with dangling wires, connecting scattered audio pieces, and trying to read lyrics from small tablets – those common karaoke machine problems are non-issues thanks to this karaoke equipment rental’s 42-inch video and lyric monitor. And choosing songs is easy, too – this karaoke equipment rental has a 24-inch touch screen that gives your guests access to over 30,000 songs. When your event attendees are ready to sing along, they can grab one of the two wired microphones available, and you can always request two more mics if you need them. You can also ask for an extra monitor!

The flexibility and versatility of this karaoke equipment rental extend beyond equipment and song options. You can customize the wrap of this karaoke rental machine to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding so that guests unfamiliar with your products and services will learn all about them as they sing along. If your event is promoting a language learning product or reaching out to a diverse demographic, you can even pre-program this karaoke equipment rental to work in languages other than English.

This high-tech karaoke equipment rental also makes a great set decoration for your next film, TV, music video, or commercial. For any scene at a bar, wedding, or another fun setting, this karaoke machine makes your set that much more realistic and engaging to your viewers. You can further reel viewers in by customizing the karaoke machine’s wrap to match your set’s location or time period. Best of all, when shooting is done, this karaoke equipment rental is a set piece you won’t have to break down and store – we handle that for you. For full effect, try pairing it with other interactive music items such as our jukebox rental or Dance Dance Revolution or other pub-friendly games such as electronic darts, foosball or our Vintage Photo Booth!

  • NO WIRES, NO MESS: Some karaoke equipment rentals involve hanging wires, several audio parts that at best loosely connect together, and tablets too small to see lyrics on from far away. When you rent karaoke machine from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, you face none of these issues. This karaoke machine is a single unit with all the highest-tech features, including two wireless microphones.
  • GIANT SCREENS: Anybody who wants to sing along can use this karaoke rental machine’s 24-inch touch screen to select from over 30,000 songs. Then, once their turn is up, they’ll get to read the lyrics and see the video from a giant 42-inch monitor – or two, if you opt for a second.
  • EXTRA ADD-ONS: If you want two monitors for your karaoke equipment rental, just ask! We can also pre-program your machine to use one of 10 different languages, so this is a great rental for your language learning tool’s next event.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Change the wrap on this karaoke machine to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding so that people unfamiliar with your company learn all about your products and services as they sing their favorite pop songs.
  • LIKE IN THE MOVIES: Filming a movie or TV scene at a bar, wedding, or another fun event? Rent this karaoke machine to make your set look even more realistic, and then when filming is done, you don’t have to worry about deconstructing or storing this prop – we’ll take care of it.


Rent An Interactive Game

Interactive games span so many categories and uses that your next corporate event is all but certain to benefit from them. There are music games such as karaoke and Dance Dance Revolution that connect people through one of the most relatable, widely beloved forms of art. There are music items such as jukebox machines that put soundtracking power directly into your guests’ hands, and there are interactive games involving sports moves, tabletop competition, and pinball machines that have the flexibility of going from their usual multiplayer mode to single-player, too.

Interactive games are also great for exposing new customers or business contacts to your company and its products and services. You can customize the wraps of many interactive games to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding so that anyone who plays becomes familiar with your products. This customization is great for use on movie sets too, where a karaoke machine can make that bar or wedding scene seem way more realistic, especially if you customize the wrap to speak to your story’s time and location. Contact us today to rent an interactive game for your next project or event!

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