Branded Custom Claw Machine Rental

Everyone wins big at our prize cube claw machine, but when you add your branding to the machine itself, your brand is the big winner, too! As guests win prizes out of your custom claw machine, you’ll win by connecting with new customers and business contacts via your custom-branded machine body, header, tokens, and prize offerings. Display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding items on the machine or prizes to engage people with your products and services as they put their all into getting that irresistible item. Great for trade show booths, product activations, networking events, and so many other traffic-heavy corporate settings!

Custom Claw Machine Rental Features & Specs

  • Customize entire machine, winnable prizes, gameplay tokens, or just header
  • Large number of winnable item customization options, themes, and sizes available
  • Compact customizable machine perfectly sized for traffic-heavy corporate settings
  • Custom claw machine ideal for trade show booths, product activations, networking events, and more
  • Vary claw strength before rental delivery to control number of prizes you keep
  • Choose between standard or “play until you win” mode to vary prize winning rate
  • DIMENSIONS: 2.5’ W x 2.1’ L x 6.4’ H
  • Weight: 376 lbs
  • Pairs well with other customizable trade show games, carnival games, arcade games, and more!
  • Electricity

    120AC, 3 amps
  • Dimensions

    31"W x 26"L x 77"H
  • Weight

    376 lbs


Why – and where – you should rent a custom claw machine

If you’re hosting an event to introduce new customers or business contacts to your products and services, a custom claw machine can help to make your goals a reality. Engagement opportunities are easy to disguise in the form of a fun game: As guests move a claw to grab a prize or score as many baskets as possible before time runs out, they’ll be exposed to your logo, slogan, or other visual branding items that tell them all about your products and services without any extra work on your part. You can use custom-branded game rentals to engage people in corporate settings including, but certainly not limited to:

Trade show booths. Trade shows are competitive, crowded, overstimulating places. Not only does a custom-branded game attract larger numbers of people to your booth – not nearly every booth in the room has a game to play! – but it doubles down on your larger audience size with unsubtle information about your products and services. Plus, your visitors get their chance to take home a prize with your logo on it!

Product activations. If you need additional materials to educate your audience on your new product, you can customize game rentals to put information about your new items on full display and show words, symbols, images, or phrases related to your product.

Company parties. If you’re celebrating a longtime employee’s retirement, a major company achievement, or just the holidays, rent a game customized with relevant imagery to make the occasion truly unforgettable. Your guests will appreciate the work you’ve put in, and any plus-ones your colleagues bring might get to learn all about your company, meaning they could be your newest customers or business connections.

Themed events. Need a big object to make a lasting, theme-fitting impression? Try a customizable game rental redesigned to match your theme. That ‘80s-themed night isn’t going to turn back time on its own – complete the throwback with a neon-decked customized game rental.

Add to your place of business. Whether you run a bowling alley, own a bar, or run an arcade, a prize cube claw machine is a fun way to add more excitement to your establishment. Custom branding ties the claw machine straight in to your business!

Networking events. Game rentals are great for breaking the ice between total strangers in networking settings, and they can also increase the potential for your company to make extra business connections in these settings. When you host your next networking event, educate all your non-colleagues with customized games displaying your logo, slogan, or other visual branding items that detail your products and services.

Film sets. For movies, TV shows, music videos, and commercials set in bars, arcades, and other settings that need ample props to look believable, game rentals remove the burden of setting up, breaking down, and storing props. Customized game rentals can also go the extra mile in enhancing your set’s realism – a carnival game customized with your fictional bar’s logo makes your project that much more immersive.

Corporate sales meetings. If you’ve invited potential new corporate clients to an informal, large gathering to show off what makes your company the right one to work with, let customized games do the work on your behalf. Present everything about your company in different stations, with a customized game rental at each stop displaying everything your potential new clients need to know about your business.

  • THOROUGH CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS: With the custom claw machine, you have plenty of options! Customize the full outside of the machine or limit your modifications to just the header. You can even add your visual branding to your gameplay tokens or the prizes inside the machine.
  • KEEP IT MOVING: Worried that a custom-branded game will take up too much space in your crowded corporate setting? The custom claw machine is compact enough that it won’t interfere with operations in even the most crowded of corporate settings, so you can use it to drive product engagement in even the most hectic of spaces.
  • TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT: Want to give away a large number of custom-branded prizes? Pre-program the claw to easily grab prizes. If you want to keep more prizes for your next event, adjust the claw to only rarely latch on.
  • TWO GAMEPLAY MODES: You can also vary the number of custom-branded prizes you give away by pre-setting the machine to either standard gameplay or “play until you win.” Standard means you’ll keep more prizes, and “play until you win” means that guests are leaving with prizes unless they give up.

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🎉 Level up your next event with a nostalgic twist! 
🕹️ Imagine the excitement when your guests see a claw machine. That's right, we're talking about the good ol' arcade experience. 
🎁 And guess what? You get to decide the prizes. Customize the goodies to fit your event theme. 
💯 The fun, the thrill, the anticipation – it’s all part of the package! Dial-up the fun factor with this unexpected addition. 
Upgrade your event today. A claw machine awaits. 🎮
🎉 Want to mesmerize your guests at your next event? A claw machine rental might be just what you need! 
📝 Here's how to get started: 
1. Identify the purpose of your event and decide on a theme. 
2. Choose the prizes that fit your theme. It could be anything from plush toys to personalized merchandise.🐻🎁 
Now, kick back and watch as your guests enjoy the thrill of the game! 🕹️ Remember, a happy guest makes a successful event. The secret ingredient? Fun! So let's get that claw machine rolling! 🎊💯
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Get transported back in time with our classic games - Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong, and Frogger. 🕹 
 AND a Squishmallow Claw? 🧸 
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🎯Think of a trade show game that has a touch of nostalgia and fun - A Custom Claw Machine! The pros are plentiful - it draws a crowd, creates engagement, and leaves a lasting impression, all while showcasing your brand. 
😕However, loading it up with pricey prizes can be expensive! 
 💡Solution?  Have one "grand prize" with some other branded swag for your prizes.  Use color coded stress balls for coded prize selections or have one red rubber duckie within the sea of yellow duckies! 
In conclusion, a custom claw machine can indeed be a hit at trade shows, given that you're prepared for the crowd!🎮 
👾 Let's make your brand the buzz of the 2024 tradeshow!

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