Ms Pacman Classic Arcade

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Hosting an 80’s Party or need to recreate a REAL Arcade Game room from that genre? Look no further. We have the largest selection of classic arcade game rentals in Atlanta! Ms Pac-Man was released in North America January 13, 1982, one year after the release of Pac-Man, and became one of the most popular video games of all time.

Ms Pac Man Classic Video Arcade Game.

She's chased by killer ghosts but she can eat them while powered up after eating one of four large dots. Bonus points are awarded for eating the fruits and snacks that appear and wander the maze.  The game is a lot like Pac-Man except that it has four different mazes that change once every two to four screens instead of just one maze throughout the entire game.  Also the fruits and prizes walk around the maze instead of appearing at the same spot in the middle of the maze. These bonus items include cherries, strawberries, peaches, pretzels, apples, pears and bananas.  Ms Pacman is a must for any party event! This classic is considered a non-violent or G-rated Game.

Top 5 Classic Arcade Games available for your next party event:

  1. Pacman
  2. Galaga
  3. Donkey Kong
  4. Centipede
  5. Digg Dug

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36" l x 34.5"w x 68"h

382 lbs

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Ms Pac Man is an arcade game produced by Midway as a sequel to Pac-Man. It contains a different maze to the normal pac man game.

The gameplay of Ms. Pac-Man is very similar to that of the original Pac-Man. The player earns points by eating pellets and avoiding ghosts (contact with one causes Ms. Pac-Man to lose a life). Eating an energizer (or “power pellet”) causes the ghosts to turn blue, allowing them to be eaten for extra points. Bonus fruits can be eaten for increasing point values, twice per round. As the rounds increase, the speed increases, and energizers generally lessen the duration of the ghosts’ vulnerability, eventually stopping altogether.