Electronic Dart Board Machine Rental

Make your next corporate pub night unforgettable with the Electronic Dart Board Arcade. This game of darts for rent is a massive improvement on the dartboard you see at every dimly lit bar. Thanks to the electronics, this electronic dartboard for rent is well-lit no matter where you use it, and it has automatic scoring so that your guests never lose count of their tally. This electronic darts game is as good for holiday parties and pub-themed events as for your bar’s next big occasion or for a movie set designed to look like a bar. Your imagination is the limit!

Professional Electronic Dart Board Features

  • Electronic upgrade of a nearly ubiquitous pub and bar game classic
  • Built-in lights ensure players see dartboard in even the most dimly lit settings
  • Multiple gameplay settings available
  • Electronic scoreboard keeps track of point totals so players don’t have to
  • Great game rental to bring more character to your pub- or bar-themed corporate events
  • Offers fun and keeps patrons at your bar longer during fundraisers and other events
  • Adds realism to films, TV shows, and music videos set in bars
  • DIMENSIONS: 24” L x 24.25” W x 86” H
  • Pairs well with other sports games as well as arcade games, trade show games, and racing simulators!
  • Electricity

    120v; 5 amps
  • Dimensions

    24"l x 24 1/4"w x 86"h
  • Weight

    200 lbs


Most people are already familiar with darts. The arrow tosses and simple rules of darts have made the game a staple at pubs, bars, and even homes around the world. Far fewer people, though, have experienced an electronic dartboard or bar dart board.

Rent the Electronic Dart Board Arcade to bring extra flair to your next event. The electronics that come with this board make gameplay way easier: Built-in lighting illuminates the dartbord just right, and with an electronic scoreboard and fun sound effects to boot, this darts game is the perfect addition for your pub or club.

If you’re a bar owner, then this electronic darts game is a great choice for drawing people to your next big event, whether it’s a night of international beer specials, an open mic, or a fundraiser. With our electronic dart board machine rental, you can offer an enhanced version of a classic pub game without fully committing to keeping a big machine on-site – and if your bar is short on space, you need to do all you can to fit as many people as possible.

Our Electronic Dart Board can support different gameplay styles, including:

  • 301/501/701/901
  • League Option for the above
  • Cricket
  • Cricket League Option

You can also use this electronic dartboard rental for film, music video, and TV sets. Bars and pubs are super common locations in all kinds of media, and if you rent this dartboard as part of your set, then your viewers will more strongly believe the events unfolding in front of them and become far more immersed in the project. To really make your project seem real instead of staged – or add to your bar event or pub-themed event – pair this game with other lighted sports games such as LED Lighted Foosball and LED Air Hockey!

  • ELECTRIC FEEL: Take a beloved bar and pub classic to the next level with a flash of electricity. This electronic dartboard adds extra features to traditional darts gameplay that your event attendees will love!
  • SEE AND SCORE: Thanks to the electronic features, this dartboard includes lights that render it visible no matter the setting. This electricity also powers a scoreboard that takes the task of scorekeeping off players’ hands – and at pubs and pub-themed events, the noise and the drinks can make it hard to keep track of points.
  • EVENT HIGHLIGHT: If your company is hosting a pub- or bar-themed night, the Electronic Dart Board Arcade is sure to be a highlight of the occasion. If you own or manage a bar and are hosting a fundraiser or other celebration, rent this electronic dart board arcade to keep patrons in the room for longer.
  • TV APPEAL: Looking to build the most realistic bar set possible for your next film, movie, or TV show? This electronic dart board arcade game adds plenty of character to your set, and you can count on Phoenix Amusements to do the work of taking it off-set once your shoot wraps.


Sports Games Renting for All Occasions 

Sports games aren’t just for athletic occasions. You can count on them to bring life to corporate events including holiday parties, networking events, trade shows, and more. They also work well as believable set decorations for film, TV, and other visual media, especially because sports games’ setup and breakdown is way easier than with most items you’ll include on your set – and not only that, but we’ll do it for you, too.

Consider your company’s next big occasion. Don’t you want something there to get a buzz going in the room, match your event’s theme, or make the space you’re in look more interesting? Sports rentals can do all that and more. Don’t let your company’s next March Madness fundraiser pass without setting up a hoops tossing game along a far wall – guests will engage far more deeply with your March Madness theme if you let them shoot three-pointers, too.

If you’re filming a movie, TV show, or music video that requires foosball tables or focuses on a character’s love of sports, then sports game rentals are great for you, too. Sports game rentals help you to build a realistic set without having to set up and breakdown all manner of items as is so common in set-building. At Phoenix Amusements, we deliver, set up, and breakdown all sports games you rent. Contact Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA today to rent the perfect sports game for your next project or event!

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