Retro Carpet Flooring Rental – 10×20′

Throw it back with this vibrant, colorful retro carpet flooring rental! This 10-foot by 20-foot arcade carpet rental covers plenty of ground at trade shows, holiday parties, bar mitzvahs, and themed events. Combine it with retro and arcade games in all manner of party settings to match your entertainment options with scenery that amplifies your event’s vibe and catches your guests’ attention. Plus, if you have blacklights, this retro carpet will glow throughout your entire event!

  • Throwback neon ‘80s graphics great for themed events, trade shows, holiday parties, and more
  • Matches well with retro and arcade games for an eye-catching, nostalgic, heavily lit vibe
  • Glows in the dark in blacklight
  • Phoenix Amusements delivers, sets up, and removes 200-square-foot carpet from event premises
  • Nylon construction with dense, firm shape and double-sided tape application to minimize chances of rolled-up corners and other tripping hazards
  • Treated to minimize microbial growth, mildew, odors, stains, and shocks
  • Non-flammable and exerts no impact on indoor air quality
  • DIMENSIONS: 10’ L x 20’ W
  • WEIGHT: 200 lbs
  • Pairs well with retro arcade games and trade show games as well as other event accessories!
  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    240"l x 120"w
  • Weight

    200 lbs


Thinking about where to buy an arcade carpet? Why don’t you rent one instead! This retro arcade carpet rental comes to you fully cleaned and ready to go, delivered just in time for your event.

Our 200-square-foot arcade carpet rental is adorned with bright stars, sparks, and swirls set against a contrasting black backdrop for a neon, ‘80s vibe. This standout flooring is great for making your trade show booths, holiday parties, and themed events total standouts, not to mention this huge rug is a major crowd-builder. Plus, under blacklight, it glows in the dark!

If you’re using this large, eye-catching arcade carpet rental at a trade show booth, we can lay this retro carpet down on your behalf as long as you have your electricity turned off first. We’ll even send our installers to your booth to check your electricity for you. When electricity isn’t a concern, you can still count on our teams at Atlanta-based Phoenix Amusements to deliver this arcade carpet rental to your premises, then set it up, and finally load it out. If you have concerns about tripping over rolled-up carpet corners or dealing with other safety hazards, we take care of that too by using industrial, double-sided carpet tape to keep everything sturdy and in place.

With our arcade carpet rental, you get not just stunning looks and ample size, but high quality. This arcade carpet’s nylon construction ensures a dense, firm hold, and its industry-level dyeing process keeps its bright colors lasting forever. The retro carpet is also treated with a permanent anti-microbial agent that prevents mold, mildew, and odors while protecting against stains and shocks. Plus, this arcade carpet rental has a Class I flammability rating and is certified not to lower indoor air quality.

For your next trade show booth, holiday party, corporate retreat, or another private event, pair our arcade rug carpet rental with retro arcade games such as Galaga or trade show games such as Prize Cube Claw Machine. A standout visual makes for a successful event!

  • THROW IT BACK: With neon images such as stars, sparkles, and swirls, this carpet flooring rental is great for your next private event! Use it to lay down the ground at trade show booths, holiday parties, themed events, and more.
  • LARGE AND IN CHARGE: Take command of your private event with 200 square feet of retro flooring! The nylon construction and double-sided tape application of this carpet will keep it in place for all manner of occasions.
  • DON’T BREAK DOWN: We’ll handle carpet delivery, setup, and breakdown and removal on your behalf so you don’t have to stress about placing this massive carpet in your space! Focus on your other key event aspects while we take the floor back in time.
  • TREATED AGAINST: Mold, mildew, odors, stains, shocks, and safety hazards such as carpet folding that can cause event guests to trip.
  • SHOW UP, GLOW UP: If you use this event accessory rental in rooms with black lights, this carpet will glow brightly. Talk about flashy!

About game rentals:

Renting a game is a great starting point for your next private event or party, and with event accessories such as food machines, flooring options, and additional seating, you can complete your vision. Whether your company is looking to boost brand engagement, find new clients, or just celebrate your business’s big year, event accessories can help you achieve your goals.

If you’re hosting a retro-themed or sports-themed event, you can rent our, respectively, retro carpet or football carpet for 200 square feet of perfectly on-theme flooring that takes your theme’s presence from a 10 to an 11. If you’re concerned about comfort and safety at your event, use bleachers and pub tables to give people more seats and rent our sanitizer station so your attendees can easily clean their hands. Or if you’d rather rent accessories that require no hand contact at all, try our fun-house mirrors!

Event accessory rentals also minimize the storage space you have to devote to items you might use only occasionally at private parties and other meaningful occasions. If your business hosts a beloved annual sports event, rent our bleachers and football carpeting accessories once per year to keep the event thematically centered, provide ample seating for anyone looking to watch, and leave your storage space open for other uses. Contact Phoenix Amusements, based in Atlanta for six decades but delivering nationwide, now to learn more about how event accessories can benefit your next private party!

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