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One of the most important assets of your company is your employees. We’ve seen throughout the years how extra perks at the office help keep your team upbeat and less stressed. With the current COVID-19 situation, going back to work may be more stressful for some. Help relieve the stress with some arcade games or table games for your new company game room. You don’t need to commit a whole room to just arcade games; you could place one or two upright 80s games in the lobby area, existing breakroom, or in a wide hallway. If you have a bigger room or space, a pool table, bubble hockey or bubble soccer will engage more of your team at one time. All games are set to free play allowing for a less stressful but competitive fun workplace (we do not offer revenue share options). We’ll work with you on the placement in your existing area.


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Long Term Game Rentals

In addition to corporate event game rentals, we have been providing long term game rentals as a service for several years. Recently we have altered the rental length to a 3 month period and with reduced rates. We work with you on the game selection, bring the games to you, install and set them up. We also provide service to our games if there’s an issue at no additional cost to you (with some conditions applying). When it’s time for a game rotation, we’ll swamp out the games with the replacements. Our interactive games provide fun and a stress-reliever outlet in your work environment. Limited games are available and service only available for the Atlanta Metro area. Call or email today to line up your games for when we return to “normal”!

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