Jukebox Rental

Get the music going at your next corporate event with our Jukebox Rental. Rent a jukebox for a twist of “the real thing,” not the many other options you’ll see that are just many individual components pieced together into a makeshift jukebox. This is the perfect rental for when you need to provide music and fun without pouring your money into a DJ, a live band, or a large sound system. It’s also great for making your film, music video, or TV set way more believable. Customize with graphics on our jukebox for rent to make your event or project the best it can be! Currently stocked with a wide genre of music from Big Bands, Country Music, Pop, Rock Classics and some Rap.  All music is considered appropriate for all ages.

  • Guests – not a DJ or live band – control the music at your next corporate event
  • Less expensive than DJ, live band, or sound system that’s tedious to set up
  • Classic jukebox model seen in many environments, not makeshift multi-part machine
  • Enhances environment at holiday parties, industry mixers, company retreats, and more
  • Adds realism to films, movies, TV shows, and commercials filmed in bars and diners
  • Customize to display company branding and engage unfamiliar guests
  • DIMENSIONS: 42” L x 28” W x 64” H
  • Pairs well with other interactive games as well as sports games, arcade games, and event accessories and decor!
  • Electricity

    120v; 5 amps
  • Dimensions

    42"l x 28"w x 64"h
  • Weight



You know that there are few more joyous occasions when you’re at a bar than hearing the song you’ve chosen from the jukebox come on for the whole room to hear. Give your co-workers, employees, and other event guests that same joy at your next corporate occasion with jukebox rentals from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta.

Our jukebox rentals are the real deal. Other rentals you see might just be makeshift CD collections pieced together with various audio playback and broadcast components, but at Phoenix Amusements, our jukebox rental is a classic Rowe model that you’ve seen in all manner of bars, not to mention TV shows and movies. Forgo the expensive DJ, live band, or huge sound system that’s tedious to set up and break down – with this one-unit jukebox rental, your guests have full control of the music at your next holiday party, corporate retreat, or industry mixer. Plus, you can customize the wrap of this machine to display your company’s branding and engage unfamiliar guests with your products and services.

Rent a jukebox — it adds a great touch to any visual media projects you’re filming. Shooting a scene for a TV show, music video, or film that takes place in a bar? Add a jukebox to your set to add extra nostalgia to your scene and keep your viewers tuned to the action. A character changing the song on the jukebox and marching to their own drum as they dance to it is a hallmark of so many romantic comedies and dramas, and with jukebox rentals, you can achieve the same charm in your project without locating an actual bar with an in-house jukebox and setting up a bunch of gear there. Just rent this jukebox for your main set, and once your filming is wrapped, we’ll take this jukebox off your hands so you can focus on all your other important breakdown tasks.

If you’re really looking to bring the music to your event, pair this classic jukebox for rent with other interactive music items such as our Karaoke Machine and Dance Dance Revolution. You can also rent this jukebox alongside bar-appropriate sports games such as Electronic Darts and LED Foosball!

  • FULL CONTROL: If your guests at your next corporate event don’t like the DJ or live band you’ve hired, they can’t always do something about the occasion’s music choices. When you rent a jukebox instead, you put the power in your guests’ hands to control the event’s musical selections.
  • CUT COSTS: DJs, live bands, and stereo systems don’t come cheap for your next corporate event. Save money and time with Rowe jukebox rentals that Phoenix Amusements will transport to your event, set up on-site, and remove when the affair ends!
  • CLASSIC JUKEBOX: Many jukebox rentals are just makeshift devices that work with CDs and a bunch of other components, and those models are more difficult to set up and tougher for your guests to use. Our jukebox rental is a classic, legitimate model that you’ve seen in countless bars and diners.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Using this jukebox to soundtrack a networking event or other setting where guests might not know your company? Then adorn this jukebox with a customized graphic that displays your company’s branding or other imagery to familiarize your guests with your products and services.
  • LIKE IN THE MOVIES: This jukebox for rent gives your next film, music video, TV, or commercial that realistic flair it needs for its bar or diner scene. And unlike so many other set pieces, you won’t have to break this one down or worry about storing it out of sight when filming is done – we’ll take it off your hands.


Fun Interactive Activities

Interactive games and items such as jukeboxes and karaoke machines add character to your next corporate event. Think about it – what big event is complete without music humming gently in the background? When you rent a jukebox, karaoke machine, or even Dance Dance Revolution arcade game, your event gets that extra touch of volume that can easily kick things up a notch. Plus, if you’re filming a movie, TV show, music video, or commercial, interactive music items can make your setting way more believable and visually engaging.

Other interactive games can entertain your co-workers and give work friends the kind of fun they don’t get to have with each other in the office as often. Your next holiday party will be an even bigger hit among your co-workers and employees if you rent a competitive, team-based game such as the longtime carnival hit Horse Racing Bounce a Ball or the classic outdoor backyard game bocce ball. Interactive games are often great for team-building too, so at your next Friday breakout session, company picnic, or corporate retreat, rent an interactive game to bring your colleagues closer together in a way more organic way. Contact us today to find the perfect interactive game rental for your next event!

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