Skee Ball Game Rental

Skee Ball Game Rentals

Great as traffic builders for tradeshows and as ice breakers for company sales meetings.  And don’t forget those boardwalk or carnival themed parties! Another great feature of skee ball game rental is that any age can play! And we can link up to 6 units.  Call today for your arcade game rentals!

Skee ball, A classic game that appeals to everyone.

Perfect for those carnival or boardwalk themed event.

Classic Boardwalk or Carnival game that has been around since 1909. Program the ski ball game from 3 to 9 ball use per game. No matter how many balls used for each skee ball alleys game, the game play is quick and game play throughput is high.

The player is given a set of baseball-sized balls to use that is made from either smooth polished compressed masonite or heavy plastic. Most skee ball machines provide the player with nine balls per game; this can vary from machine to machine. Each ski ball machine has an inclined ramp 10-13 feet long, up which the player must roll the balls. A sudden increase in incline at the end of the ramp (the ball-hop) launches the balls above the plane of the ramp toward a series of rings that direct the balls into holes of varying point values, the harder-to-reach holes usually giving the most points. Highest score wins!

Branding is available for our skeeball arcade games. We can customize the backlit display and even the header over multiple linked games.  We just added the option of branding the skeeball lane!  Each sides of the game can also be branded, but if renting multiple units we suggest only the outer two sides to be branded.  We have 6 Skee Ball lanes available!

If you need to add more to your carnival theme event, check out these boardwalk game options!

120AC, 3 amps

30"W x 122"L x 79"H

380 lbs


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Skeeball is similar to bowling except it is played on an inclined lane with fist-sized balls and the player aims to get the ball to fall into a hole rather than knock down pins. The object of the game is to collect as many points as possible by rolling balls up an incline and into the designated point value holes. Skeeball is usually a one player game. However, it is also fun to compete with friends for the highest score. A skeeball machine has a long ramp with a ball jump at the end that leads up to several holes at the top separated by circular borders. The object of the game is to get the ball into these holes. The game begins by a player pressing the button to play since all our games are set to free play. The player then receives nine skeeballs, baseball sized balls made out of polished hardwood. The player must role the balls up the ramp to get them to enter the holes. Each hole has an assigned point value, with the harder to reach holes receiving more points. If the ball does not go in a hole it falls into the gap below the ramp. At the end of the game the player receives points that they scored.

Check out how the game plays on this video found on youtube.