White Claw Machine Rental

White Claw Machine 

You asked, and we listened. With your feedback in mind, we have completely revamped our existing claw machine, giving you the freedom to truly personalize it based on your specific event needs and trade show goals. Whether you want to engage your audience with a fun game or create a sexy and unique focal point for your booth, our white claw machine will help make that vision a reality. After all, our top priority is delivering the best possible experience to you and ensuring that your event is an unqualified success. So come on – let’s dive into this white blank slate together and see what amazing new worlds we can create! Did I mention it has programmable LED lights too?

White Claw Machine Features and Specs

  • White surfaces as a blank canvas for customizing
  • Customize entire machine or just header with your branding
  • 13 Different areas of Customization Available
  • Occupies minimal floor space
  • Use our prizes or your own branded prizes
  • Set Claw Strength prior to event for easy wins or difficult play
  • Color-changing lights and entertaining sounds keep gameplay exciting
  • Play in standard or “play until you win” mode
  • 500 tokens included
  • Ideal size and gameplay for trade show booths, corporate events, activations, and more
  • DIMENSIONS: 2.5’ W x 2.1’ L x 6.4’ H
  • Weight: 376 lbs
  • Pairs well with trade show traffic builders, classic sports game rentals, and kids games like mini basketball or mini air hockey!
  • Electricity

    120AC, 3 amps
  • Dimensions

    31"W x 26"L x 77"H
  • Weight

    376 lbs


White Claw Machine Rental

Our White Claw machine are clean, sleek and white - perfect for your own branding! They're sure to catch the eye of potential customers at trade shows and other events. Plus, they're great for engagement. Guests can't help but be drawn to the machines, and they'll be even more interested in your company or product when they see your logo on the machine. It's a great way to get people talking about your brand. So if you're looking for a unique and attention-grabbing way to promote your company or product, white claw machines are the way to go.

You can adorn the entire White Claw Machine or just its header with your branding, and the customizability doesn’t stop there. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can put in your claw machine rental! You'll have a hard time choosing an option that won't make someone happy. You can choose from among the following prizes to include inside your claw machine rental (additional cost) to make it more exciting and engaging for customers:

  • Generic plush toys
  • Licensed and seasonal plush merchandise (Sonic Hedgehog IN STOCK now!)
  • A romantic mix for weddings or Valentine's Day or girls' events 
  • Rollup T-shirts and Caps (use rubberband)
  • A sports mix for themed events and activations
  • Familiar pop culture characters
  • Watches, sunglasses, and jewelry
  • Branded Stress Balls
  • Four-inch capsules for gift cards and other small items
  • Travel size product

At Phoenix Amusements, we believe that gaming is about more than just winning. Whether you're at a major trade show or a family reunion, our white claw machine lets your guests customize the gameplay to create an engaging experience that suits their individual tastes and preferences. Whether you want to play for high scores or simply enjoy the thrill of trying to grab as many prizes as possible, our white claw machine can be pre-programmed to make things interesting.  And with color-changing LED lights and engaging sounds, this white claw machine is sure to keep everyone entertained while they try their luck! So why wait? Switch up your next event with the ultimate in trade show games - the white claw machine from Phoenix Amusements!

Children Birthday Parties too!

Planning a kids birthday party and want to make it extra special? Why not add our white claw machine, complete with your guest of honor's graphic for an even more unique experience! The machine is easy enough that even 2 year olds can play. It'll be the talk of all those who attend - you're sure not going unnoticed when everyone is crowded around this cool new toy at any gathering or event...

A great way to match whatever theme may have been planned in advance; there's endless possibilities: custom designs on all sides allow total flexibility...

We can provide some prizing options or ideas too. For the Sonic Hedgehog Party Themes, we currently have in stock hard-to find stuffed toys from our current inventory.

Claw Machine Prizes Considerations

Our White Claw Machine offers a diversity of prize options for your next event, but when you order this arcade game rental, you’ll also need to provide samples of your merchandise and desired custom items to ensure that the claw machine can accommodate your items. Any individual item placed inside the machine must weigh no more than ten ounces and be no larger than eight to 10 inches. Please note that pricing for this claw machine does not include any plush or prizes.

Every claw machine rental comes with 500 tokens, and these coins offer yet another customization opportunity! You can either opt to keep the tokens’ Phoenix Amusements imprint or customize them with your own logo. Make those little details count! 

If you’re going with a sports theme for your claw machine, pair it with a sports game rental such as the Puttskee or the UBQB Football Toss.   If your going with a Toy Story Theme, pair it with Mini Dunx Basketball and Skee ball! 

  • EXTENSIVE PERSONALIZATION: With over 13 separate areas to customize, you'll have options to fit your design vision and budget. You can also stamp your logo onto your 500 gameplay tokens, and you can include branded items among the prizes that players can win. (custom tokens take over 2-3 weeks to produce)
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT: This arcade machine takes up little floorspace! That’s no issue with this claw machine rental, which occupies just about six square feet of floor space. Forget about go big or go home!
  • CLAW CHOICES: Claw machines are notorious for being harder to control than they appear. Select the correct machine’s claw to be able for your guests to scoop or grab the prizes.
  • PERFECT FOR: Children's' Birthday Parties, Trade show booths, corporate events, activations, and so many other settings!

Crowd Engaging Arcade Game Rentals

When it comes to corporate events, arcade game rentals offer a unique and fun way to entertain your guests. Whether you're looking for a way to add some excitement to a birthday party or you want to find a way to lower the stakes of an otherwise formal environment, arcade games are the perfect solution.

Phoenix Amusements delivers arcade machines across the U.S., so you can easily find a rental that will match your event's theme. Plus, with a wide variety of arcade games to choose from, you're sure to find one that will keep your guests entertained for hours on end. So why not take the hassle out of your next corporate event and let arcade game rentals take care of the entertainment?

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