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Fun Company Holiday Party Ideas

For those of you who haven’t planned their holiday company party yet, here’s a few party ideas to help you on how to throw a company Christmas Party:

1. Game Time

Looking for a low key affordable holiday office party that is sought by your employees? Place more emphasis on planning with minimal investment of energy and time in planning and execution by providing fun activities for all.  This effort garners huge appreciation by stressed-out employees at this time of year.  Card games, shuffleboard, basketball, board games, ping pong, pool, darts, and more, ignites fun and friendly competition and take the focus away from drinking.

2. Retro Arcade Games Theme

With a resurgence of the retro theme and arcade rooms being featured in current tv series (Stranger Things 2, Halt and Catch Fire), we’re seeing more events based on the Retro Theme.  With all the classic arcade games on free play, you can play to your hearts content!  Recently Stranger Things Season 2 featured Dig Dug Classic Arcade as a major storyline in the series.  Some of our classic arcade lineup include:  Ms. Pacman (1982), Pacman (1980), Donkey Kong (1981), Asteroids (1979), Galaga (1981), Frogger (1981), Space Invaders (1978), Centipede (1980).  To add a little more kick to your Retro Theme, some of our clients have decorated with props such as massive rubik cubes, oversize backdrops, blown up graphics of Pacman and more.  We have also added pinball machines to our inventory!

3. Photo Booth Party

Photo Opportunities!  Most couples or even team members don’t have an opportunity to take a photo together.  Plan your company holiday party to include a Vintage Photo Booth or Green Screen Photography or just a custom holiday backdrop as a selfie station!  Check out some of our backgrounds we’ve created for the holiday season.  We’ve seen our traditional photo booth being booked more than open photo booths.  Our clients tell us that most do not like to take photos out in the open and they prefer the enclosed booth.  Which one do you prefer?

4. Sports Bar Theme

Christmas holiday party games with a sports bar theme! Host your corporate holiday event at a local brewery like Atlanta based Sweetwater Brewery or Tannery Row that may have a few games already there.  We can bring more games to fill in the blanks like pool tables, foosball,  Golden Tee Golf Arcade or traditional arcade game room games.  Why not try out our newest addition Giant Beer Pong!  We did not brand the game so it’s family friendly but you could customize with a graphic like Santa’s belt to fit your holiday theme!

Adult Games for Company Christmas Party Ideas
5. Glow Games

Nothing enhances a room with a Christmas Tree and dimmed lights as LED Games.  Adding to the ambiance, glow games like our LED Pool Tables and LED Shuffleboard enrich the atmosphere.  Some of our other games already have a glow to them like Skeeball Ball Arcade Game, LED NBA Basketball Hoops, and Electronic Darts (arcade dart board) along with upright arcades.

6. Carnival Theme Party

Who doesn’t love going to the carnival or county fair!  Bring the fair to them with Skee Ball Arcade Game, Super Shot Basketball, Whac A Mole, Traditional Ring Toss, and our custom photo cutouts. We have more options to choose from when hosting carnival themed corporate event or other types of events.

7. Best Karaoke Machine

A Christmas Carole Karaoke Party!  Throughout the ages, many great songs have been written about the holidays. From classic carols to new favorites, a Christmas carol karaoke party engages all in singing their old time favorites that everyone can enjoy. Use our Karaoke Machine as a Digital Jukebox to get the party started playing holiday music in the background while giving guests a chance to sign in for their songs. Our Karaoke Machine is the best karaoke machine that features a robust search module so that you can search by song title, artists, keyword or category. No need for thumbing through pre-printed songbooks that is tedious and frustrating!  Our Karaoke Machine has over 30,000 songs in 11 different languages and includes a 42″ Monitor so everyone can easily see the lyrics and music videos!  Imagine singing your favorite song in Portuguese!

Christmas Karaoke Party - Company Holiday Ideas
8. Save Some Money

Have your event midweek!  If you haven’t booked a venue yet, you’ll find that prices for venue weekend dates are much higher than weekday evenings or even mid-day soirees. Not all companies have huge budgets at the end of the year.  We can work with you on your game selection to plan a great company holiday party to fit your budget.

9. Holiday Event in January

Take the stress out of hosting the company party in December when it’s so busy for all.  Host a Team Appreciation event in January to show your appreciation for your employees and kickoff the new year!  Or hold an adult party on the Company’s Birthday!  We have a huge selection of games for adults!

10. Reach Out!

It’s never too late!  Call us to assist in your plans for your company Christmas party today!


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