Dig Dug Arcade Game

Looking for retro arcade game to rent?

Dig deep and don’t stop! When guests at your next themed event, trade show booth, hospitality event, or other corporate occasion play the Dig Dug Classic Arcade Game, they won’t need to dig deep to dive right into ‘80s nostalgia. Your guests and visitors will destroy sunglass-donning tomatoes called Pookas and fire-breathing green dragons called Fygars. With a pump and your shovel, players can easily burst and crush Pookas and Fygars before these nuisances become real game-ruining threats. Chain-squashing enemies and eating occasional fruits and veggies increase players’ scores, and this extra challenge keeps people coming back for more, so crowds will totally build around this Dig Dug arcade machine!

  • Players need to stay alive while destroying enemy Fygars and Pookas
  • Easy control of Dig Dug’s motion and tools quickly makes game thrilling
  • Challenges in achieving bonus points entice your guests to play several rounds
  • Rapid-paced gameplay draws people to machine and builds crowds and buzz
  • Fun and straightforward game for corporate sales meetings, holiday parties, and more
  • Retro, eye-catching machine perfect for ‘80s themed events
  • Occupies minimal surface area, so especially great for trade show booths
  • DIMENSIONS: 34.5″ L x 24.5″ W x 68″ H
  • WEIGHT: 382 lbs
  • Pairs well with other classic arcade games, trade show traffic builders, and even sports games!


  • Electricity

    120v; 3 amps
  • Dimensions

    34.5" l x 24.5"w x 68"h
  • Weight

    82 lbs


What weird life forms live in the ground beneath our feet? According to the Dig Dug Classic Arcade Game, anthropomorphic tomatoes (Pookas) and fire-breathing dragons (Fygars) hide in the soil. Dig Dug arcade rentals allow your employees, co-workers, and other attendees at your next corporate event to eliminate these threats with ease – and gameplay is so thrilling and fun that this machine is likely to draw big crowds.

Players will control the titular hero Dig Dug and use his shovel and pump to destroy enemies and navigate. Dig Dug can move up, down, left, or right to pave new paths in the soil and create chutes for rocks to fall down.

Sounds easy, right? The challenge that will keep players coming back and make Dig Dug all the hype at your next event is the quest to maximize points. Your employees, co-workers, and other guests will have a blast solving the puzzle of how one rock can squash more than one enemy and racing to eat the fruits or veggies that pop up to keep your gameplay going strong. In Dig Dug arcade rentals, bonuses are key for not just fun gameplay, but crowd-building.

The Dig Dug arcade machine is among the easiest arcade games out there, so everyone at your party will enjoy playing it. Rent Dig Dug for your next corporate event, whether that’s a trade show booth or a company holiday party or even a big sales pitch meeting, to make the occasion unforgettable and encourage a more social, easygoing environment than is common in most networking situations. Try matching it with other arcade classics including Pacman, Frogger, and Centipede or pairing it with traffic builders such as the Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine or the Cash Blowing Money Machine!

  • TOMATOES AND DRAGONS: Could Dig Dug’s two enemies be any different? Dig Dug arcade rentals pit the titular character, whom your employees, co-workers, and other event guests will control, against anthropomorphic tomatoes (Pookas) and fire-breathing dragons (Fygars).
  • DIG, PUMP, AND CRUSH: Guests will use Dig Dug’s shovel to clear paths and avoid enemies. Gameplay isn’t especially complex, and that’s the whole point – things move so fast but progress so easily that playing several games in a row is inevitable, so you’ll quickly see a crowd build around your Dig Dug arcade rental.
  • EXTRA POINTS: Dig Dug is easy to play, but the challenge of earning the most points possible will keep guests coming back for more. The quest to use the same rock to crush multiple enemies provides a surge of instant gratification, and so does eating the fruits and veggies that appear in Dig Dug’s path.
  • RETRO FUN: This eye-catching arcade machine is an obvious ‘80s throwback, making it the ideal pick for your next ‘80s themed event.
  • MINIMAL FLOOR SPACE: When you’re renting a game to draw passersby to a trade booth, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t take up too much space. At only six square feet of surface area, Dig Dug arcade rentals certainly don’t overcrowd your booth.
  • ALSO GREAT FOR: Introducing a lower-stakes, more entertaining networking setting at corporate events including sales meetings, holiday parties, themed occasions, and so much more.

Where to Rent Arcade Games

Arcade games, sports games, and other game rentals might seem useful solely for kids’ birthday parties, but this notion couldn’t be any further from the truth. Game rentals are an ideal solution for engaging new customers with your brand at trade shows or fostering a lower-stakes socializing and networking environment at what might otherwise feel like intimidating, overwhelming events.

If your company is operating a trade show booth, what can you do to draw people in and stand out from your countless competitors? A game rental from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta GA provides an easy answer. Rent a game that doesn’t occupy much floor space but stands tall above other rows of booths to draw potential new customers to your booth, where they can have a blast playing Frogger, Dig Dug, or Centipede before they engage with your product. And since many game rentals include customization opportunities where you can plaster your brand’s logo or message, they can act as Trojan horses for getting your company to new customers.

Game rentals are just as effective at corporate events. If you’re worried that your attendees won’t network as naturally and easily as you’d like, lining a corner or wall with a series of competitive sports or arcade game rentals can draw crowds, foster low-stakes social environments, and make your event unforgettable. Rent a game for a corporate sales meeting to more naturally introduce potential new clients to your team, or use them at holiday parties to help longtime coworkers more easily get to know each other better. With hundreds of game rental options available through Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA, we can help you make the very best of your next event!

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