Adult Birthday Party Ideas by Decade: How To Throw The Ultimate Themed Bash

Adult Birthday Party Ideas

When you were a child, planning a birthday party probably seemed easy. You would choose the theme of your favorite princess, superhero, movie, or sport, and a grownup would help you make invitations for your friends, find decorations, and get a special cake in your honor. As you got older, the themes probably got harder (or maybe they disappeared altogether), with dinners at restaurants replacing the backyard blowouts.

Why lose the sparkle and magic of that special day? These adult birthday party ideas can give you just the inspiration you need to host your next unforgettable celebration all about you or for a loved one. If you’re looking for some ideas as you shop for your next at-home birthday party, check out Phoenix Amusements’ ideas for the ultimate event by decade theme. There’s sure to be something for everyone, so find the idea that speaks to you and get to celebrating!

Here’s Phoenix Amusements’ Guide to Adult Birthday Parties by Decade

Choosing a specific decade as your theme will turn these adult birthday party ideas into a unique and memorable experience for all your guests. Take a trip back in time with one of these fantastic themes:

'50s birthday party ideas

Grab your poodle skirts and get excited to celebrate your birthday with the Fabulous ‘50s! Decorate your party with vinyl records, classic convertible cardboard cutouts, and checkerboard tablecloths. If you’re going for a color scheme, pink, black, and white are prime time choices. Grab some snacks that call back to diner classics, like milkshakes and french fries.

Give friends and family the power to control the music with an authentic working jukebox rental that plays memorable classics from ‘50s legends like The Big Bopper, Buddy Holly, and Elvis. Whether you set up as a diner or create a drive in movie theme with Grease playing in the background, your guests are sure to twist and shout all night. Or if you’re a horror fan, have plenty of Jell-o to stand in for The Blob.

'60s birthday party ideas

Talk about groovy adult birthday party ideas! Show off some psychedelic flower power and love beads with a 60s themed party. With peace signs, flowers, and happy faces everywhere, your guests will feel like they are right at Woodstock. Encourage friends to come wearing tie-dye, mini skirts and bell bottoms, retro glasses, and fake mustaches.

What would the ‘60s be without Beatlemania? Remind your guests what John, Paul, George, and Ringo were all about with a Beatles pinball machine that takes your guests down to Abbey Road without even stepping on a plane. Don’t forget to deck out the place with lots of bright colors, guitars, and lava lamps to really set the mood! Finish off with photo-op in a VW bus cutout along with some delicious tie-dye cake. Peace, love, and stay groovy!

60s Party Ideas with Pinballs

'70s birthday party ideas

Listen to the beat, move your feet and boogie on over to the dance floor for a ‘70s disco bash! Hang disco balls and watch as your guests dance the night away in their platform shoes, sparkly dresses, and butterfly collars. Toss a few flashing LED ice cubes in the drinks for some extra on-theme fun while guests dance the night away on a black and white dance floor.

Give your guests a wonderful treat by topping a classic birthday cake or easy to grab cupcakes with edible microphones, rainbows, and glitter for these adult birthday party ideas. You can even swap out your lighting for a multicolored bulb that reflects against the disco balls. To get everyone in the partying mood, add disco dancer silhouette cutouts to the entrance of your event or around the venue. They can be quite an attentive audience as you belt out your favorite ‘70s classics by Gloria Gaynor, the Bee Gees, and ABBA with a karaoke machine rental.

'80s birthday party ideas

Dust off your leg warmers, get ready to flashdance, and prepare to travel back from the future in your DeLorean to an ‘80s themed birthday party! You don’t have to be a kid again to dig into this adult birthday party idea.

Boomboxes, Rubik’s cubes, and neon everything were the name of the game in the ‘80s, and these accessories can make their way to the heart of your ‘80s themed bash. Invite your guests to tease their hair and wear plenty of spandex that moves with them on the dance floor, whether they’re practicing their moonwalk or testing out “the sprinkler.”

The ‘80s kicked off the video arcade game craze. Rent classic games such as Pacman and Galaga to really add the finishing touch to your party. Serve everyone some candy and soda while Michael Jackson, Queen, and Madonna blare on the stereo. Not only girls will just wanna have fun at your exciting bash!

80s theme birthday party ideas

'90s birthday party ideas

Expect a Full House of Friends when everyone finds out you’re having a 90s themed birthday party! Blasting hit numbers by The Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Britney Spears, and *NSYNC are an absolute must. Your guests will be singing along to every word -- and they can even dance along if you rent a Dance Dance Revolution machine for your ‘90s bash!

When it comes to decorations, lean in and bring back the ‘90s with a roar: Tamagotchi, butterfly clips, Power Rangers, and Space Jam are sure to bring the memories flooding back. If you’re feeling ambitious, score an inflatable couch that was the envy of every ‘90s kid (and the nightmare of every ‘90s parent).

Tell your friends to come dressed as their favorite 90s pop artist, band, or television show character. You could even consider turning it into a costume contest for some extra excitement. Who knows, maybe someone will recreate an entire MTV music video. Remember to put out bowls of Ring Pops, Nerds, and Pixy Stix to give everyone that sweet sugar rush.

Have a Blast from the Past with Party Rentals from Phoenix Amusements

When it comes to birthdays, kids aren’t the only ones who want to have a party all about them. With these adult birthday party ideas, celebrate milestone birthdays with friends and family with a bash that reflects the decade, whether that’s the decade you were born in, the decade that corresponds with your age, or just a time period you really love for its style, culture, or nostalgia. After all, growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

Whether you decide to keep disco alive with a 70s disco bash or spice up your night with a 90s throwback party, Phoenix Amusements is here to help make your birthday a special night. We have an event rental that matches your birthday party theme to a T, whether you want that authentic jukebox jive at a ‘50s birthday or want to recreate a ‘80s arcade that even The Last Starfighter would envy. We have event setup and breakdown covered at most events, delivering your perfect event rental wherever you are in the continental U.S. from our Atlanta headquarters.

Don’t let the kids have all the fun; it’s time for you to throw that huge birthday bash you’ve been dreaming of, and we’re here to help make it possible! Contact Phoenix Amusements to secure your event rental today!  Fill out the form below for more info and pricing.

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