Galaga Classic Video Game

Keep the aliens away in this classic arcade game! Galaga is a staple of the ‘80s video game boom found in arcades everywhere right alongside Burger Time and Pac Man. This arcade rental from Phoenix Amusements brings the fun to your next ‘80s themed event, company holiday party, trade show booth, hospitality event, and other occasions for an unforgettable twist!

  • Retro arcade game perfect for ‘80s themed events
  • One of the best-known games from the early days of video games
  • Easily builds crowds and encourages interaction at holiday parties and hospitality events
  • Bonus points at 30,000 points and 120,000 points push players to keep going
  • Minimal floor space ideal for use in trade show booths
  • DIMENSIONS: 34.5″ L x 24.5″ W x 68” H
  • WEIGHT: 382 lbs
  • Pairs well with other classic arcade games and trade show traffic builders, as well as interactive games and racing games
  • Electricity

    120v; 3 amps
  • Dimensions

    34.5" l x 24.5"w x 68"h
  • Weight

    382 lbs


The Galaga arcade game is a classic arcade rental perfect for your next trade show or corporate event! The rules are simple enough: Your co-workers, employees, and other event attendees will control the spaceship at the bottom of the screen, use it to fire missiles at enemy alien ships, and avoid enemy fire in the process.

Since the Galaga arcade game is a certifiable classic from the golden dawn of arcade games, it’ll make a perfect addition to your next ‘80s themed event, where it’ll get people lining up to play a round of this beloved arcade rental. As more people gather in front of your Galaga rental, you’ll find that a large group of your co-workers, employees, and other event attendees will naturally build. People at your event will stick around in their quest to hit the high score!

The quest for bonus points is sure to reel in eager players, because every time they reach 30,000 points, they’ll get a bonus, pushing them closer to breaking this rental’s all-time high score. That bonus arrives again when players hit 120,000 points, and then again at 240,000 points, and so on. The longer people play, the more easily they can build up a huge score, and the journey to that big number is certain to entertain the crowd gathered around the Galaga arcade game and be all the buzz at your event.

People will line up and gather around the current player not just to cheer them on, but to get their own turn at the Galaga arcade game. You can also use Galaga arcade machine at your next trade show booth to build traffic without taking up more than six square feet of your precious limited floor space. Pair Galaga with Frogger, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Dig Dug, or countless other arcade rentals for the full arcade experience!

  • RELIVE THE ‘80S: Galaga is among the most beloved classic arcade games. Rent it for your next event to relive the ‘80s and the heyday of the first-ever video games!
  • FAST-PACED CLASSIC: Galaga is so rapid-paced that any of your guests who step up to play will have a blast. Just as importantly, the game moves along so quickly that people will get a kick just from watching it, so it’s great for building crowds at holiday parties, hospitality events, and so many other corporate settings.
  • SOCIAL BUTTERFLIES: Since Galaga naturally builds crowds in a low-stakes social environment, it’ll help people who haven’t yet met each other chat and get to know each other. Who knew an arcade game could forge the way for new partnerships and relationships?
  • MINIMAL FLOOR SPACE: At your next event, the Galaga machine’s mere six square foot size will bring the fun without dominating the room. At your next trade show booth, the Galaga machine will draw passersby to your booth without making them (or you) feel claustrophobic.
  • IDEAL FOR: Trade show booths, company holiday parties, networking events, activations, and countless other corporate settings!


No Stress Game Rentals

Looking to spice up your next event a little bit? Game rentals can do exactly that, but that’s not their only benefit. An event with an appealing game rental from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA can foster networking, engage people with your product, and build crowds in ways that truly stand out.

Attendees gathering around a foosball table, fortune-telling machine, or other classic arcade game will enjoy each other’s company in a natural, easy way. If you’re setting up an industry networking event and you’re worried that traditional “speed meetings” or roundtables don’t build lasting connections, let a game rental introduce people in lower-stakes settings as teams form and crowds gather.

Game rentals can prove especially crucial at trade show booths. As passersby navigate rows of booths in a crowded convention center, they can easily miss your booth in the chaos. When you put an arcade game or cash machine in your booth, you make your booth stand out from rows away and increase the chances of people visiting. You can capitalize on their visit with customizable game rentals that can display your logo, slogan, or branding and offer visitors coupons, certificates, and other offers for when they eventually buy your product. Rent a sports game from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA for your next event to make the best of the occasion! Our experts deliver and set up attractions nationwide.

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