Giant 4 In A Row Connect 4 Rental

BIG Connect 4 with LEDS!

Ready to take your Connect 4 game up a notch? With Our Electronic Giant 4 in a Row Connect 4 rental, you can battle it out on a giant LED game board. Players drop digital pucks into the board and try to get four in a row in any direction for the win by pressing the Jumbo LED Buttons. This game is perfect for all ages and can be customized with different colors for the LEDs. So add to your quote today and we’ll deliver your Electronic Giant 4 in a Row Game rental!

Electronic 4 in A Row Game Features & Specs

  • Jumbo LED Buttons
  • Over 5 feet tall
  • Small Footprint/Compact Game
  • Customize LED Button Colors match your event or trade show booth’s theme
  • Brand top of our Electronic 4 in A Row Game with your company logo or message
  • DIMENSIONS: 24″ W x 48″ L x 67″ H
  • WEIGHT: 90 lbs
  • Pairs excellently with other classic arcade games, LED Games, and sports game rentals!
  • Electricity

    120AC, 3 amps
  • Dimensions

    24"W x 48"L x 67"H
  • Weight

    90 lbs


Electronic 4 in A Row Game with LEDs!

Looking for a fun and challenging game to keep you entertained for hours on end? Look no further than Electronic Giant 4 in a Row Game rental! This take on the classic Connect 4 game is sure to keep you entertained. Using the jumbo LED buttons, players alternate turns and drop a digital puck into the game board. Four In A Row in any direction wins! We can even change the colors of the LEDs too! Game measures 67 inches tall, 24 inches wide and 48 inches long. So what are you waiting for? Rent Electronic Giant 4 in a Row Game today!

Our Giant 4 in A Row kicks up traditional Connect 4 bringing a unique and unforgettable experience to your visitors and guests. Step right up to the game, push a jumbo button, and see your digital puck fall to your slot in the game!  This new arcade game is built for all ages and so easy to play.

  • SEE YOUR LED PUCK : Instead of traditional oversized connect 4 pucks, our Electronic 4 in A Row Game uses LED lights in to represent the pucks on the oversized 4 in a Row board.
  • HUGE FUN: This really BIG Connect Four rental takes a classic tabletop game and blows it up to a game over five-foot-tall, life-size LED spectacle! No matter what event you use it for, it’s sure to stand out, turn heads, and draw crowds.
  • TEAM BUILDING: Giant 4 In A Row is great for team building. It’s easy to set up, it’s straightforward to play, and it’s all but certain to engage your co-workers and employees at your next company morale event.
  • REAL TIME ANIMATION AND MOVEMENT: No lag timing in playing the game.
  • EYE CATCHING OPPORTUNITIES: Who can not resist playing an oversized game and not to mention an oversized Connect 4?  The LED lights attract your guest and entice them to play!
  • COMPACT MACHINE: With such a small footprint of 2'x4', this eye-catching game is perfect for trade show booths! or social events with limited space.
  • PERFECT FOR: Trade show booths, themed events, activations, corporate events, and various other settings.

Pair your big connect four game with other LED Games such as the LED Air Hockey or competitive games such as Chaos Strike A Light and LED NBA Hoops. These games go big, and they’ll make your event guests not want to go home!


How to Play our Giant 4 in A Row Connect 4 Rental Game?

Traditionally when playing the Connect 4 game, 2 players play head to head with each playing selecting their color puck or discs.

Each player drops their discs into the frame, trying to connect four of their color in a row. Connections can be made either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The first player to do so wins the game.  Very simple.

With our new Electronic 4 In A Row Game, the first player up hits the jumbo lit button on the top of the game which designated where your digital puck will fall in the open space or slot.  The next player follows suit and the first player to get four of their colored digital pucks in a row wins.

Carnival Game Rentals, Trade Show Booth Rentals or Social Event Rentals

Let’s face it: When it comes to interactive games or activities, you don’t always have compelling options to offer your guests, co-workers or employees. The mere thought of team-building activities likely makes you feel a tiny shiver of dread at having to convince your colleagues to participate against all the sighs and objections they air. Rent a game to get all playing and engaged again!

If you’re trying to properly rep your company at a trade show booth, you need to attract as many passersby as possible. You also need to encourage them to return to your booth. Fun, unique, and memorable game rentals from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta make it easy to obtain that goal!

Set up a classic arcade game such as Whac A Mole or another carnival game rental such as the Skee Ball to keep your guests entertained, and most importantly, make sure they remember you! You can even customize some arcade games to include promotions or raffle tickets to build a fully interactive experience with your brand or company.

Carnival games and sports games rentals are easy and fun to play, so anybody who walks by of any age will have a blast playing them. Seasoned athletes and gamers will have just as much fun as people completely unfamiliar with the tasks in front of them. Rent an arcade or sports game for your next exhibition to build traffic and get the best out of your booth!

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