Shuffleboard Table Rental

Shuffle Board TableLED Pool Table Shuffleboard foosball DartsCustom Shuffleboard
Shuffle Board Table
Shuffle Board Table
LED Pool Table Shuffleboard foosball Darts
Custom Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard Table Rental

It takes nerves of steal to win at this game of precision and luck. This is a pub style shuffleboard table that measures 9′ in length.

Shuffleboard play consists of sliding or shuffling eight metal weights over the highly polished playing field. Two or Four players per game.

  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    108"l x 24"w x 31"h
  • Weight

    110 lbs


Classic pub style shuffleboard table.

In its goals, form and equipment, shuffleboard shares various features with (and perhaps influences by or upon) many other games, including air hockeybowlsboccecurlingcroquetcarrom and billiards. Historically, the ancient shovelboard, about which little is known, appears to have diverged into modern shuffleboard and sjoelen, and with the former leading to the development of both table shuffleboard and shove ha’penny

This item can not be delivered up nor down stairs.  Assembly is done onsite. Our Shuffleboard measures 9 feet in length and may not fit in small elevators.


Start a two-person game by standing, with your opponent, at the same end of the shuffleboard. Toss a coin – or use another method you prefer – to see who will shoot the first Weight and the color of the Weight. The winner of the toss should slide their first Weight toward the opposite end of the board, the Scoring End.

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