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LED Shuffleboard Table Game

Light up the night with this LED shuffleboard table! Sliding weights down a shuffleboard table has never looked better. Change the color of the lights to match your event’s theme or your company’s logo or branding and add chrome stanchions and red velvet ropes to this professional, 9-foot solid butcher block shuffleboard for a true VIP experience.

  • Classic bar and arcade game that many people already know how to play
  • LED lights make shuffleboard attractive and enhance gameplay
  • Change light color to match event theme or your company’s logo or branding
  • Professional-quality, nine-foot solid butcher block shuffleboard table
  • Optional chrome stanchions and red velvet ropes add extra professional feel
  • Assembled on-site, but cannot be moved up or down stairs
  • DIMENSIONS: 108″ L x 24″ W x 31″ H
  • WEIGHT: 110 lbs
  • Pairs well with other classic arcade games, sports games, and even carnival games
  • Electricity

    120v; 5amps
  • Dimensions

    108"l x 24"w x 31"h
  • Weight

    110 lbs


Who knew a shuffleboard rental could glow like this? This LED shuffleboard table shines a new light on a classic bar and arcade game. As guests at your next corporate event slide weights down this shuffleboard table and attempt to knock their opponent’s weights into the alley, LED lights will pave a bright, beautiful path toward victory.

You can change the color of this shuffleboard rental’s LED lights to match your company’s logo or branding, and you can also set the color to fit your event’s theme. This LED shuffleboard table does more than just offer a fun game for your guests to enjoy, too – it gives you another way to promote your company and advance your event’s theme.

This shuffleboard rental is professional-quality too, built from solid butcher block. At nine feet long, it meets industry regulations, and if you want to really bring a professional feel to your event, you can add optional chrome stanchions and red velvet ropes to your board. And you won’t have to worry about figuring out how to get all nine feet of this board into your space – at Phoenix Amusements, we handle assembly on-site. However, this shuffleboard rental cannot be delivered up or down stairs, and it may not fit in small elevators, so please let us know the dimensions of any elevators we should expect to encounter.

Shuffleboard isn’t the only rental we offer with LED lighting. Pair this shuffleboard rental with LED Pool, LED Foosball, or LED Air Hockey to truly light up the night!

  • CLASSIC GAME: Shuffleboard is a bar and arcade staple, so when you rent a table for your next event, your guests are likely to be excited to see it and want to play. A shuffleboard rental is a great way to build crowds!
  • THIS GAME IS LIT: LED lights add an extra layer of beauty to an already gorgeous, pro-level shuffleboard table and ensure that anyone playing can see exactly where their weights are headed. In even the dimmest of rooms, this table shines bright like a diamond.
  • CUSTOMIZE THE LIGHTS: Use this table’s LED lights to drive home your company’s branding or your event’s theme. If your company’s logo is green and yellow, set the LED lights to display these colors. If your event is Christmas-themed, set the LED lights to green and red. With this LED shuffleboard table, you have more than enough color options to achieve whatever you need!
  • PLAY LIKE THE PROS: This table is 9 feet long and made of solid butcher block, so it’s built exactly the same as pro-level shuffleboard tables. Guests can get their best shuffleboard game going with this table!
  • EXTRA ADD-ONS: For a truly professional feel, you can add chrome stanchions and red velvet ropes to your shuffleboard table. If you’re going to rent this game, do it in style!

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