LED Pool Table

This LED pool table is exactly the same as your average pool table, but with one bright difference: LED lights outline the playfield. Guests at your next event will enjoy playing one of the best-known bar games out there as they take in vivid lights and changing colors on a table made with the highest-quality materials and standards.

LED Pool Table Rental – Features and Specs

  • Classic bar game that almost everyone knows how to play and enjoys
  • LED lights illuminate playfield and add extra excitement to gameplay
  • Change LED light colors to match your event’s theme or company’s logo or branding
  • Automated ball return for ease of setup after scratched balls
  • Pool Table Rental comes with pool sticks, chalk, balls, triangle, and stick stand
  • All games set on free play
  • Regulation-level green felt atop a standard three-quarter-inch slate slab
  • Optional chrome stanchions and red velvet ropes
  • Assembly done on-site, but cannot go up or down stairs
  • DIMENSIONS: 93″ L x 53″ W x 31″ H
  • ELECTRICITY: 3 amps
  • WEIGHT: 710 lbs
  • Pairs well with other classic arcade games as well as sports games and even carnival games!
  • Electricity

    3 amps
  • Dimensions

    93"l x 53"w x 31"h
  • Weight

    710 lbs


Where Can I Rent a LED Pool Table for a Party?

Keep your party lit by renting these pool tables! With lights running around the edges of the playfield, these LED pool tables rentals  help to make sure your employees, co-workers, and other attendees don’t accidentally sink the eight-ball at your next event. This LED pool table includes bright lights that span the perimeter of the playfield, and since the lights are contained in the table’s wood frame, they won’t jut out onto the playfield and affect players’ shots. You can change the lights’ colors to match your event’s theme or your company’s logo or other branding.

It’s not just the lighting that’s high-tech with these pool tables rentals. This is among the most automated LED pool tables on the market! Instead of having to dig into the table’s pockets for scratched balls, this table automatically returns them to the far end of the table, so putting the ball back in play becomes that much easier.

These LED pool table rentals also come with the highest-grade professional equipment, including pool sticks, chalk, balls, a setup triangle, and a pro-level pool stick stand that makes grabbing sticks or setting them down before or after a turn super easy. The playfield is covered in regulation-level green felt, and the solid Italian slate slab under the felt is three-quarters of an inch thick, the exact amount used in professional billiards settings. For an especially professional look, add chrome stanchions and red velvet ropes to the table. Note that pool table assembly takes place on-site and that these pool tables rentals cannot go up or down stairs.

Pool isn’t the only classic bar game you can experience in LED glory! Pair the LED pool table with LED Shuffleboard, LED Foosball, or LED Air Hockey to make your next event truly, well, lit!

LED Pool Table Hightlights

  • ALL OF THE LIGHTS: A classic bar game that comes with lights! This pool table includes LED lights that run around the perimeter of the playfield, making the game easier and more interesting to watch and play in even the dimmest of rooms.
  • IN LIVING COLOR: The color of this pool table’s LED lights can be changed to match your company’s branding or logo or your event’s theme, providing you with another way to get your message across.
  • AUTOMATED TABLE: With this table, the days of struggling to get scratched balls out of pockets are over. This automated table automatically delivers sunk balls, making gameplay far more seamless.
  • PRO-LEVEL TABLE: This table is covered in regulation-level green felt, which sits atop a pro-size three-quarter-inch solid slate slab. The pool sticks, balls, chalk, triangle, and stick stand are also pro-level, as are the bonus, optional chrome stanchions and velvet ropes.
  • ASSEMBLED ON-SITE: Don’t worry about whether this table will fit into your space – we’ll set it up for you on-site! However, this table cannot go up or down stairs, and it may not fit in most elevators.

Need to see our LED pool tables? Here’s a short vid.


Arcade Games Machines

When you think of arcade games, sports games, racing games, and the like, you might think of childhood and teenage years spent with friends. Or maybe you think of the barcades you occasionally frequent as an adult. You might not be considering how much value game rentals can bring as an adult in a professional setting! Outfit your workplace, corporate event, movie set, and so much more with arcade game rentals from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA!

Think about how much more life a game can bring to a trade show booth. A cash blowing machine or classic arcade game such as Pac-Man is tall enough to be seen from rows away, drawing passersby to your booth and building traffic. You can additionally customize certain game rentals to display your company’s logo or slogan, engaging people as they play the game at your booth. Plus, most games used to build traffic at trade show booths occupy minimal floor space, so they draw crowds without making your booth feel claustrophobic.

You can also take company holiday parties, product activations, and countless other corporate events to the next level with game rentals. Renting sports games for a holiday party provides a great icebreaker for coworkers who don’t yet know each other well and helps employees and their guests to have a great, unforgettable night. At product activations, a game rental can keep people entertained as they get to know your new product – and, with certain game rentals, you can include customized prizes in the form of coupons, vouchers, or other paper products that give players discounts or deals on the product! Rent a game for your next occasion to easily engage not just new customers and clients, but your employees, too.

More info on our Pool Tables found here!

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