Traditional Photo Booth Rental

This revolutionary traditional photo booth rental is a classic booth style machine with great new modern features to take your events to the next level!
The enclosed photo booth features an upright design with a bench inside and dark curtains to provide comfort and some privacy to your guests. What really stands out on the cabinet is the replacement of the typical bulky cabinet with a streamlined design.

Traditional Photo Booth Rental Features:

  • Traditional photo booth fits through any standard door frame
  • Occupies roughly eight square feet of floor space, so minimal impact on event traffic flow
  • Customize machine outer wrap or individual photo lower borders
  • Print photos horizontally or vertically for photo strips, collages on 4×6 prints, or give to users digitally via USB drive
  • Our photo booth offers Video Messages. This means that your guests can leave you 15, 30, or 45-second messages.
  • Ability to share by email or facebook!
  • Kick it up by adding with our LED Photobooth sign!
  • Great for forming permanent memories and offering party favors at birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other major life celebrations
  • Reward co-workers and employees with entertaining, memory-forming photo booth at internal events
  • ELECTRICITY: 120V; 15A
  • DIMENSIONS: 39” L x 29” W x 78” H
  • WEIGHT: 220 lbs
  • Pairs well with other trade show games, interactive games, team-building games, and more!
  • Electricity

    120v; 15 amps
  • Dimensions

    39"l x 29"w x 78"h
  • Weight

    220 lbs


If you’re hosting your next corporate event, wedding, bar mitzvah, or party, our traditional photo booth rental fits the space and occasion perfectly! Even thoughs it’s six-and-a-half feet tall, it fits through any standard door frame. And since it only takes up about eight square feet of floor space, it’s super unobtrusive in even the most cramped of fun, meaningful, or educational events.

For your company’s next trade show booth, add our traditional photo booth rental and customize it to help you make the most of your exhibition. Customize our photo booth for rent by displaying your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding items on the booth’s outer wrap or the printed photos’ lower border or frame.  Grab their attention from across the room with our new Neon Sign “Photobooth”! Whether you print your photos vertically or horizontally or just send digital copies to a USB drive, people who swing by your trade show booth won’t just get a fun picture to take home with them – they’ll get a permanent reminder of your company, too.

Enclosed Photo Booth for Social Events

This traditional photo booth rental’s customization options are also ideal for weddings, bar mitzvahs, parties, and other major life celebrations. Photo booths are common in these settings, but not every photo booth rental gives you the ability to decorate the booth and photo frames with text or images related to the wedding, bar mitzvah, or party. We can even add your music to the photo booth too! Guests will be elated to leave with photos that display the newlyweds’ names and anniversary date (or newly-13-year-old’s name and celebration date) on the bottom frame, and you’ll be sure your attendees have permanent memories of the occasion!  Why not kick it up even more with the ablity to record a video message too!

Businesses can also use this traditional photo booth rental internally to entertain, reward, and drive interaction among co-workers and employees at holiday parties, company retreats, sales meetings, team-building events, and more. It can even be paired with other team-building games, interactive games, and trade show games such as Cash Blowing Machine, Football Pass, and Chaos Strike a Light to further drive engagement, interaction and create a postive envirnoment!

Traditional Photo Booth Rental Features

  • CUSTOMIZABLE PHOTO BOOTH: Customize this old fashioned photo booth rental to display your company’s logo or your anniversary or activation! Cover this machine’s outer wrap in your business visuals or party branding, and then double down on that customization with take-home photos customized to display additional visuals along the lower border.
  • SEVEN PHOTO FEATURES: Select photo custom options of Black & White; Full Color; Collages; Funny Frames; Wigs & Hairstyles; Hats Selection; Street Art
  • VIDEO!: Video capture feature (pre-programmed option). If active, clients can share a video message via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. (INTERNET connection required)
  • PRINT ONSITE: Print in 4×6 (collages or frames) or two 2×6″ strips sizes
  • MUSIC: Add your own music or personalize for your event with your song!
  • CELEBRATE IN STYLE: For weddings, bar mitzvahs, parties, and other major life celebrations, this customizable photo booth gives out customized party favors that help your guests to never forget the occasion. Decorate this photo booth rental and the printed and electronic photo frames with text and images related to the wedding, bar mitzvah, or party.
  • REWARD EMPLOYEES: For holiday parties, team-building events, and company retreats, give your co-workers and employees the chance to bond meaningfully! This photo booth turns small moments into permanent memories, and if you customize the machine to include your slogan along the printed photos’ lower border, your company will be associated with these great times too.

 About arcade game rentals:

Rent a trade show game from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA but delivering nationwide to drive engagement and interaction at your next trade show booth! Think about the challenges of a trade show appearance: Sure, your booth is stacked with promotional materials and product testers and samples, but so are all your competitors’ booths. You’ve got to do something to stand out, right? That’s where trade show games come in.

Most trade show games are taller than your average person, making them highly visible from afar in even the most chaotic and crowded convention centers or other trade show settings such as summer boardwalks. As more passersby spot your game and realize that other booths don’t also have games, your chances of convincing passersby to choose your booth over another one increase.

You can also customize many trade show games to double down on your larger visitor base. Cover your trade show game with your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding materials so that your guests get to know your company a bit as they play the game you’ve provided. This setup gives you a natural segway toward introducing your visitors to your services and products. Some customizable trade show games even include custom-branded items your guests can take home with them! Contact Phoenix Amusements headquartered in Atlanta today to learn more about how trade show games can benefit your company.

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