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Interactive Activities for Trade Show Booth – Booth Games

You’ll need a game that stands out from far away without dominating your limited space. Trade show traffic builders such as money blowing machines, fortune-telling machines, and classic arcade and sports games do exactly this. These games both jump out from their surroundings and occupy minimal floor space, meaning that you’ll be able to draw newcomers to your booth without a complicated setup.

The games you can rent from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA are super easy to play, so attendees of all skill levels can participate and get in on the fun. They’re so entertaining and low-pressure that they’ll bring new people together in an instant, making these arcade game rentals a great option for corporate sales meetings and other events when icebreakers are vital. You can also rent games to make sure that your next activation, themed event, holiday party, or other occasion is nothing short of unforgettable. Whether you’re at a convention center or hosting guests in your office, game rentals are certain to make your event an occasion to remember!

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