Zoltar – Fortune Teller Machine

Looking for fun & interactive?

Or trying to draw more people to your trade show booth?  Zoltar Fortune Teller is the answer!

Zoltar moves his eyes, his head goes up and down, his hands side to side and his mouth moves just like speaking to you.  The Fortune Teller Machine is set to free play so not tokens are needed to receive your fortune.  If you prefer tokens, we can provide standard or we can create your custom token with your logo or name!  Zoltar dispenses a unique individual fortune card after every play. The Zoltar fortune cards can be customized with your personal messages or fit your company marketing promotion!  We can even create a raffle with the custom Zoltar Fortunes.
Zoltar in Action!


Zoltar Fortune Teller has 32 different fortunes to share with you.  If you'd like to custom your fortune cards, we can work with you for that unique look and message.  Using Zoltar Fortune Teller to draw people to your trade show booth or activation?  Use one side of the fortune card with a printed promotion to drive attendees back to your booth.  Check out the photo of the custom Zoltar fortune created for this machine.  In addition to custom fortune cards, we can customized the Zoltar Machine itself.  We can even customize his attire!  Change his clothing to match your theme or have him wear your branded clothing (hats, t-shirts).  Have a cooking or food trade show where you're exhibiting.  We can change his clothing with a chef hat and white jacket. Let us know what you're seeking and we'll work with you!

The state of the art audio speech system can be programmed with custom messages, fortunes, company names or any other audio messages. The Zoltar Fortune Teller game is equipped with a cordless microphone to further enhance the fortune teller experience.

120AC, 3 amps

33"W x 28"L x 77"H

400 lbs??

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This game is so easy to operate!  You step up to Zoltar Fortune Teller and press the “play” button.

After reading your fortune, Zoltar will then dispense a printed fortune on a ticket for you to keep. And for the record, Zoltar has never been wrong!

We can even provide a special microphone so that you add commentary to what Zoltar says – perfect for playing tricks on friends or making a customer’s day!

For those not familiar with Fortune Teller Machines, this article gives some history of the nostalgic penny arcade game.

Wanting to see Zoltar in action? Check out this video!