Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine

What’s in store for you? Find out your future with just the push of a button! When you stop by the Zoltar Future Teller Machine, Zoltar himself will check you out and tell you all about the fortune he’s given you. The fortune card he hands you can be customized to display your company’s logo, branding, or message just as Zoltar’s outfit can. Between your fortune and customization opportunities, the options are limitless!

Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine Features & Specs

  • Find out your fortune with just the push of a button
  • Zoltar moves, speaks, and makes eye contact like a real person
  • Customize Zoltar’s outfit to match your event or trade show booth’s theme
  • Brand Zoltar’s fortune cards with your company logo or message
  • Print promotions or raffles onto fortune cards to encourage patrons to return
  • Token-free gameplay for simplicity or token-required gameplay for extra customization
  • Customizable audio messages can reflect your event’s theme or company’s message
  • DIMENSIONS: 33″ W x 28″ L x 77″ H
  • WEIGHT: 400 lbs
  • Pairs excellently with other classic arcade games, trade show traffic builders, and sports game rentals!
  • Electricity

    120AC, 3 amps
  • Dimensions

    33"W x 28"L x 77"H
  • Weight

    400 lbs


What do you see in your future with our Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine?

Our Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine brings a unique and unforgettable experience to your visitors and guests. Sit back, push a button, and hear Zoltar Machine shed light onto the unknown. Zoltar’s customized outfits, fortune cards, and audio messages keep the experience unpredictable and exciting.

Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine isn’t a lifeless, two-dimensional image on a flat screen. He’s a fully three-dimensional figure who moves, speaks, and makes eye contact with you as he delivers your fortune. You don’t even need to put a token into the Zoltar machine to get him going. All you need to do is press the Red Start Button!

If you’re still token-averse but want to rent a Zoltar fortune teller and customize it, you have so many other options. For starters, Phoenix Amusements can swap out Zoltar’s outfit to match the theme of your event or company, so if you’re looking to rent a Zoltar fortune teller for a food-themed event, you can have him don a chef’s outfit. He can even wear your company’s custom-branded hats and t-shirts.

Customization opportunities don’t end with Zoltar himself. You can also customize the fortune cards he hands out to display your branding and match your event’s theme. You can even include a promotion or raffle on your fortune cards that encourage trade show attendees to return to your booth! And the things Zoltar says can also be custom-recorded to fit your event, too.

With its easy customizability and patron use, the Zoltar machine is perfect for your next trade show booth, themed event, corporate occasion, or other setting. Pair it with the Claw Cube for a classic arcade experience or the Classic Skee Ball Machine to make your event more competitive!

  • HEAR YOUR FORTUNE: To find out your fortune with the Zoltar machine, just step up and push a button. Tokens aren’t required, but if you want to add them, that customization option is available to you from Phoenix Amusements.
  • REAL TIME ANIMATION AND MOVEMENT: Zoltar isn’t a person, but he comes close. He makes eye contact, speaks, and moves like he’s an actual fortune teller sitting across from you, so he provides an unusual, engaging arcade game experience.
  • EXTENSIVE CUSTOMIZATION OPPORTUNITIES: You can change Zoltar’s outfit to match the theme of your event or display your company’s branding. You can also vary the things he says and the design of his fortune cards to promote your brand and encourage patrons to return to your trade show booth for promotions and raffles.
  • COMPACT MACHINE: Zoltar’s trade show appeal extends beyond his ease of use and extensive customizability. He also occupies just six feet of floor space! Never worry again about the big attraction taking up too much room.
  • PERFECT FOR: Trade show booths, themed events, activations, corporate events, and various other settings.

Trade Show Booth Game Rentals

If you’re trying to properly rep your company at a trade show booth, you need to attract as many passersby as possible. You also need to encourage them to return to your booth. Fun, unique, and memorable game rentals from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta make it easy to obtain that goal!

Set up a classic arcade game such as Whac A Mole or another carnival game rental such as the Skee Ball to keep your guests entertained, and most importantly, make sure they remember you! You can even customize some arcade games to include promotions or raffle tickets to build a fully interactive experience with your brand or company.

Carnival games and sports games rentals are easy and fun to play, so anybody who walks by of any age will have a blast playing them. Seasoned athletes and gamers will have just as much fun as people completely unfamiliar with the tasks in front of them. Rent an arcade or sports game for your next exhibition to build traffic and get the best out of your booth!

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