NASCAR Racing Simulator

It’s a race to the finish line with the NASCAR Racing Simulator! Use this racing game at your next corporate retreat or industry mixer to entertain your co-workers, employees, and other guests, or if your company is in the automotive or sports industries, then set up this racing simulator rental at your next product activation to give guests a sense of that rubber-burning thrill. Link several units together to offer competitive gameplay and kick your event up a notch!

NASCAR Racing Simulator Features & Specs

  • Simulate real-life NASCAR racing without putting the key in the ignition
  • Racing simulator great for employee appreciation events, retreats, and industry mixers
  • Matches event themes including sports, arcades, racing, cars, and so much more
  • Great for further engaging guests at automotive or sports product activations
  • Rent several NASCAR racing simulators for interactive multiplayer gameplay
  • Full-size racing simulator with seat and gas and brake pedals
  • DIMENSIONS: 64” L x 32” W x 77” H
  • WEIGHT: 500 lbs
  • Pairs well with other racing simulators and arcade games as well as interactive games and sports games!
  • Electricity

    10 amps; 120v
  • Dimensions

    64"l x 32"w x 77"h
  • Weight

    500 lbs


Renting NASCAR Racing Simulator

When you rent the NASCAR racing simulator for your next corporate event, you give your co-workers, employees, and other guests a way to experience the thrill of hyperspeed driving without any of the chaos that usually ensues. Rent racing simulator as a great option for entertaining people at your next employee appreciation event, corporate retreat, or industry mixer, especially if your occasion is themed appropriately. If your event’s theme is racing, arcades, cars, or even sports, then this is the perfect arcade game rental for your big occasion.

If your company operates in the automotive or sports spaces, this racing simulator rental can take your next product activation or auto show to the next level. When you’ve unveiled your new line of motor vehicles or the futuristic upgrades you’ve made to your car line’s automatic braking system, let everyone in attendance simulate the intensity of burning rubber with the pedal to the metal – all without so much as putting the key in the ignition. When you’re showcasing your sports company’s new line of athletic products, offer visitors a chance to experience the non-stop thrills of NASCAR racing, a sport that’s just as big an American classic as football, baseball, and other American pastimes.

The fun doesn’t stop at just one NASCAR racing simulator. You can rent several units and link them for competitive gameplay, an option that’s great for team-building or interactive events. Multiplayer NASCAR racing is also great for your next arcade-themed or sports-themed night so that everyone gets a chance to play and fully immerse themselves in the night’s theme. Rent racing simulator and pair with other, similar rentals such as Fast n Furious Street Racing and H2Overdrive Speedboat Racing or arcade games such as Centipede and Pacman for full effect!

NASCAR Racing Simulator Highlights

  • RACE TO THE FINISH LINE: This NASCAR racing simulator lets guests at your next corporate event race to the finish line without burning any actual, real-life rubber. It’s an entertaining option for your next industry mixer, employee appreciation event, or company retreat.
  • THEMES GALORE: When you think about themed events that this NASCAR racing simulator might suit best, racing-themed events probably come to mind. It’s easy to forget that NASCAR is as popular a sport as baseball and football, so use this game for your next sports-themed event, not to mention arcade-themed events!
  • APT FOR ACTIVATIONS: If you’re managing your automotive company’s next product activation, rent this NASCAR game so that after you’ve unveiled your exciting new products, attendees can do some driving of their own.
  • MULTIPLAYER MANIA: If you’re looking for a fast-paced interactive game that your co-workers, employees, and other guests will want to play more than a few times at your next corporate event, you can rent and link several NASCAR racing simulators. The power is in your hands, and so is the steering wheel!

Racing Simulator Arcade Machines

Racing simulators bring the thrill of high-speed sports car or speedboat racing to settings where revving up the engine might be chaotic or dangerous. Hosting a racing-themed event? Then use this arcade simulator to fully immerse your event attendees in your chosen theme. You can also use racing simulators to more deeply engage people if your automotive company has tasked you with overseeing your next auto show appearance or product activation. People who get to do some driving of their own right after seeing your new auto products are that much likelier to remember what you’ve showcased.

Certain racing simulators are upright instead of seated, meaning they cut back on floor space and work especially well in tighter spaces such as trade show booths. An upright racing simulator can often be seen from rows away in crazed convention centers, so renting one for your booth might increase the chances that trade show attendees visit your booth instead of others – and stay there longer, too. Capitalize on the increase in visitors with customized racing simulator wraps that display your company’s logo, slogan, or branding so that visitors further engage with your products as they race toward the finish line. Contact us today to rent a racing simulator for your next big event!

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