Big Buck HD Wild Hunting Arcade

The Big Buck HD Wild Hunting Arcade brings the thrill of the sport to your next event. Catch deer, bears, lions, and cheetahs in the crosshairs in this virtual play. With a 1080p, 65-inch LCD monitor, a two- or four-player competitive setup, and accurate, standard-sized shotguns, this hunting game is the most realistic around.

Big Buck HD Wild Hunting Arcade Features & Specs

  • Enjoy the fun of hunting without all the usual dangers
  • Cinema-quality 1080p, 65-inch LCD screen for realistic hunting game experience
  • Hunt classic game and new targets including zombies, prehistoric Irish elk, and more
  • New tourneys, bonus games, themed adventures, and more
  • Two standard-sized, accurate shotguns per unit
  • Easy gameplay for both experienced hunters and total novices
  • Fun for settings such as trade show booths, corporate events, and themed occasions
  • Dimensions: 5’9” L x 6.19’ W x 7.75’ H
  • Electricity: 120V, 10 amps
  • Weight: 382 lbs
  • Pair with other arcade games, sports games, simulators, and interactive games for the ultimate event.
  • Electricity

    120V, 10 amps
  • Dimensions

    5’9” L x 6.19’ W x 7.75’ H
  • Weight

    382 lbs


The Big Buck HD Wild Hunting Arcade Game brings the thrill of hunting to your next event. This big buck hunter arcade game rental, complete with a 1080p, 65-inch LCD screen, is the closest you can get to a hunting experience without bringing real-life animals to your company party or trade show activation.

The Big Buck HD Wild Hunting Arcade game is the newest version of this longtime favorite Big Buck Hunter arcade game rental, and it offers all sorts of thrilling gameplay improvements to a modern classic. Add zombies to your list of game to hunt for an even more intense experience, take down prehistoric Irish elk never before seen in the Big Buck franchise, embark on new tourneys and bonus games, and go on themed adventures!

This Big Buck Hunter arcade game rental can be played alongside or against a friend thanks to the two included shotguns. The vivid screen and standard-size, easy-to-aim shotguns make gameplay fun and straightforward for expert hunters and complete novices alike. This hunting game isn’t just great for all kinds of players – it’s a highlight in all kinds of settings, whether a trade show, corporate gathering, activation, or something else entirely.

The Big Buck HD Wild Hunting Arcade game includes:

  • Monitor large enough to draw in attendees but compact enough to not dominate events
  • Vivid graphics in 1080p video quality
  • New dangerous trophy animals, prehistoric Irish elk, zombies – even zombie chickens!
  • Competitive gameplay setup for two or four players
  • Standard-sized, accurate shotguns

Pair the Big Buck HD Wild Hunting Arcade with other classic arcade games such as Ms. Pacman or sports game rentals such as the NBA Hoops Basketball with LED Lights! With such a big selection of games to play, your event will be locked, loaded, and ready to go.

  • GET IN THE GAME: In the real world, the fun of hunting comes with no shortage of dangers. This big buck hunter arcade game preserves the thrill of pinning down big game without bringing the group to a hunting range.
  • HD MONITOR: The Big Buck HD Wild Hunting Arcade comes with a 1080p, 65-inch monitor that provides the most realistic video game hunting experience available. You’ll feel like you’re in the woods chasing down actual deer, bears, lions, and cheetahs.
  • CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE: New to the Big Buck series in this game are zombies and prehistoric elk that you can hunt. These join deer, bears, cheetahs, and lions. The prey you can pin down has never been more diverse!
  • NEW GAMEPLAY FEATURES: With new tourneys, bonus games, themed adventures, and more, the Big Buck HD Wild Hunting Arcade comes with a slew of fun first-time features.
  • HUNT TOGETHER: Each unit comes with two shotguns, so you can hunt with a teammate or compete against a colleague.
  • HUNTERS AND NOVICES: Gameplay is so straightforward that novice hunters will feel as competent as longtime experts. The shotguns are accurate and standard-sized, providing an even easier gameplay experience.
  • PERFECT FOR: Corporate events, trade show booths, activations, themed events, and more.


Enliven Event with Sports Game Rentals

Snacks and refreshments are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to putting on a rewarding, memorable event. Sports game rentals can easily enliven events including corporate occasions, trade shows, activations, and more – and they don’t have to take up a ton of space to do it.

Whether classic sports such as basketball and football or beloved arcade experiences such as Frogger or the Big Buck Hunter arcade game rental series, sports game rentals bring extra character and fun to a party. Seasoned athletes and inexperienced players alike can revel in the simple yet fast-paced simulations that sports game rentals provide, and they can enjoy themselves against or alongside friends, colleagues, and new connections.

Sports game rentals provide upbeat, exciting experiences in one corner of an event. They scale down the frenzy and intensity of a sports field to a size that only occupies a sliver of your setting while drawing crowds and connecting people. Rent more than one unit and set your rentals up side by side to encourage competition and crowd participation, or use a single two-player unit for smaller-scale battles. Whether you go big or small, you won’t want to go home – sports game rentals make events that exhilarating

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