Horse Racing Game Bounce A Ball Game

New Competitive Interactive Horse Racing Game!

Race to the finish line with this boardwalk and carnival game classic! With our Horse Racing Game; Bounce a Ball carnival rental, you can treat your co-workers, employees, and all your other guests at your next corporate event to a fun game that’s sure to transport your guests back to the boardwalk. This bounce a ball game rental is also useful at your company’s next trade show booth, where you can set up this game and customize its sides and top to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding. This carnival rental is sure to bounce with style at your next event!

Horse Racing Game Bounce A Ball Game Features & Specs:

  • Classic boardwalk game great for carnivals, themed events, and trade show booths
  • Simple, fast-paced gameplay is a fun and excellent choice for all ages with our Horse Racing Game Bounce A Ball Game
  • Customizable areas of game rental include game sides and top areas
  • Customize bounce a ball rental with company logo, slogan, or other visual branding
  • Use customized bounce a ball to engage guests with your product during gameplay
  • Compact footprint and surface area great for low-space trade show booths
  • DIMENSIONS: 70″ L x 54″ W x 94″ H
  • WEIGHT: 80 lbs
  • Pairs well with other trade show games and carnival games as well as arcade games and event accessories!
  • Electricity

    120AC, 11 amps
  • Dimensions

    70" L x 54" W x 94" H
  • Weight

    80 lbs


Looking for a Competitive Horse Racing Game?

Horse Racing Game Bounce a Ball game gives your guests a chance to race horses — but without the stables! The horse racing game is easy enough: Your guests will bounce balls from a platform into one of four entry points. The higher the hole that the ball enters, the farther forward your guests’ horses will move. Give out prizes, tickets, or bragging rights to whoever gets the farthest. This carnival classic is sure to draw crowds at your next event, and with its compact dimensions, Horse Racing interactive game like Bounce A Ball can fit this horse bounce a ball game rental just fine at your next indoor event, whether that’s a holiday party, a networking event, or a company anniversary celebration. You can even use the Horse Racing Bounce A Ball carnival game rental to round out the perfect scene in your movie or TV production set!

Customize or Personalize Horse Racing Interactive Game

You can also customize your Horse Racing Bounce a Ball rental to engage your guests with your company, its products, and its services. When you rent this game from us, choose the customization add-on so that we can line the machine’s sides and top with your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding. This way, anyone who plays this bounce a ball game will interact with your company!

This carnival game rental’s customization feature is especially useful at trade show booths. Not nearly every trade show booth at your company’s next convention event will have a fun, brightly colored game drawing passersby from rows away, so your Horse Race Bounce a Ball rental will help your booth to stand out. Once passersby arrive at your booth, they’ll not only play your bounce a ball game, but they’ll also see your company’s branding along the sides and top of the game, meaning they’ll get to know your company without even trying as they play this game!

Horse Racing Bounce a Ball pairs well with the similar Carnival Bounce a Ball game and other carnival games such as Megawire and Cornhole. It also works well with other trade show games such as Whac A Mole and Coney Island Boxer!

Why Interactive Horse Racing Game?

  • DRAW CROWDS: No matter where you use this game rental, it’s a great choice for drawing crowds. At your outdoor carnival event or indoor trade show booth, this game is so visually striking and reminiscent of a classic childhood boardwalk game that guests at your event will flock to it.
  • VERSATILE USE: The horse-racing interactive bounce a ball game is designed for use at carnivals and trade show booths, but it’s also great for settings including holiday parties, networking events, product activations, company anniversary parties, derby’s and pretty much any corporate occasion you’re putting together.
  • SPACE SAVER: Many game rentals take up lots of floor space, but you’ll face no space issues with Horse Race Bounce a Ball. Its modest size won’t make your trade show booth feel claustrophobic, and it stands tall enough to draw passersby from far distances.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: You can customize this game rental to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other branding. This way, when guests at your event play this game, they’ll be exposed to your company’s products and services as they race their horses to the finish line. This game is the ideal trade show booth add-on!

Carnival Game Rentals Atlanta

Think about the energy at a carnival, party, or trade show. There are so many activities to do, people to see, and delicious food to eat. How can you stand out in such a competitive, frantic environment? Carnival rentals provide the answer to this pressing dilemma.

When you’re surrounded by other attractions or trade show booths vying to attract the same passersby that you’re looking to reel in, give yourself the upper edge with a carnival game rental that looks fun to play and can be seen from far distances. This way, passersby can catch a glimpse of your standout booth from rows away and plot a route to you amidst the disorder and overstimulation of the trade show. And once they’ve arrived at your booth, the game you’ve rented will keep them around for a while!

Looking for carnival games for rent near you? Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA has dozens of options for you! Aside from classic carnival rentals like Horse Racing Bounce A Ball and the Coney Island Boxer, the Georgia game rental company offers racing simulators, sports games, giant board games, and much more! Phoenix Amusements can also customize your trade show game rental to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other branding to introduce booth visitors to your products and services as they play the game. Before you know it, you’ll have plenty of people lining up to play your game and learn about your company. Get in touch with Phoenix Amusements now to rent a game for your next event!


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