UB QB Football Toss

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The UB QB Football Toss is the ultimate football toss arcade game. This full-size football toss game is as big and impressive as the best quarterbacks, and when you play it, you’ll feel just as bold. Test the speed and accuracy of your passes to a cheering crowd of friends, colleagues, or co-workers with entertaining special effects and graphics that make the UB QB arcade game the talk of the room! The UB QB Football Toss is the perfect fit for football watching parties, sports-themed events, and much more — the sky is the limit!

  • Full-size football toss arcade game
  • Perfect gameplay pace for football lovers and eager sideline watchers alike
  • Pass the football, move it downfield, and score before time expires
  • Game comes with enclosed cage, 6.5” footballs, and modest throw distances
  • Rent two units together for a competitive match-style setup
  • Moving message sign with game status, score, and special effects to keep players and audience informed and entertained
  • Customizable backboard, machine sides, game areas, and footballs can match event theme, your logo, and more
  • Add our inlay turf rug to kick it up!
  • Simulator perfect for corporate spaces, trade show booths, activations, VIP hospitality game rooms, outdoor events with bleachers and sports games, traveling carnivals, classic arcades, and more
  • Dimensions: 12’ L x 3’ W x 7’ H
  • Electricity: 120AC, 5 amps
  • Weight: 700 lbs
  • Electricity

    120AC, 5 amps
  • Dimensions

    12' L x 3' W x 7' H
  • Weight

    700 lbs


Looking for sports games for your next big event? Look no further! The UB QB Football Toss is the very best in sports game rentals. 

The UB QB Football Toss is modestly-paced enough that even the most inexperienced of quarterbacks can have a good time, but it’s fast-paced enough that onlookers will have a great time cheering you on as you work to get the ball across field into one of two targets. Gameplay is likewise simple for both avid sports fans and football newcomers. Every player has to pass the football and move it downfield before the time limit expires. A moving conveyor belt brings the football back to you after you throw to the target.

Alternatively, the UB QB Football Toss can be set up match-style. If you’re looking to get a competitive event going, you can rent two units and set them up side by side to pit two players against each other. The crowd will cheer wildly and never lose track of what’s going on thanks to a moving message sign that displays the game status, score, and a slew of exciting special effects. 

The UBQB Football Toss also allows thorough customization options. The backboard, sides, game areas, and footballs can all be modified to fit your event’s theme, logo, and more. The intensity of this football toss arcade game combined with its thorough customizability, ease of setup, crowd-gathering nature, and simple gameplay to fit perfectly at corporate events, trade show booths, activations, VIP hospitality game rooms, outdoor events, carnivals, and more.

  • GO LONG: This amply-sized sports game rental is big enough to provide plenty of throwing space and draw in eager crowds, but not so big that it takes over your whole event.
  • RETRO UNIT: Talk about a throwback! This cool UB QB arcade game will transport your attendees back to their 90s arcade days.
  • EASY GAMEPLAY: The instructions are simple. Just pass the ball and get it into the goal for completions! The more completions, the higher your score. 
  • TWO SETUPS: One UB QB Football Toss unit is entertaining, but two units provide for a true riot. Set up these rare retro units side by side to pit two players against each other for a fast-paced, adrenaline-rushing game.
  • CHANGING MESSAGE SIGN: Keep audiences entertained and informed with a message sign that displays game scores and status with a slew of special effects.
  • EASY CUSTOMIZATION: The backboard, game areas, machine sides, and footballs can all be customized to display your logo, fit your theme, and more.


Sports Game Rentals

You don’t have to hit the field to play ball. Sports game rentals relocate the adrenaline rush, invigorating energy, and group mentality from the outside to your event. Rentals such as the UBQB Football Toss bring the athletic life to a corner of your room, drawing attendee attention and encouraging socialization all while adding immense, unforgettable value to your event.

With sports game rentals, event attendees can get competitive or just simply hang back and enjoy their time tossing a football or shooting two-pointers. Whether your attendees are tossing footballs, shooting baskets, or punching boxing bags, they’ll find themselves in a fun and competitive spirit, and they can enjoy themselves solo or against other people. Who says you need a whole sports field to get people going?

Sports game rentals keep your event exciting without occupying too much space or detracting from the main affair. Sports games easily become the go-to spot for fun and games, and as big crowds gather around them, event attendees will form memories they won’t forget anytime soon.

Athletic folks and the less sports-inclined can both have a blast with sports game rentals. They’re easy to play, follow, and enjoy at activations, trade show booths, themed events, carnivals, outdoor occasions, and so much more. Count on sports game rentals to leave a lasting impression on anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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