Wiffle Ball Carnival Game

Test your precision skills with Wiffle Ball Toss! Score points by landing on the colored rings; but be weary, if the ball misses it will fall down the empty holes! How many rings can you land on?


  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    56" L x 56" W x 33"H
  • Weight

    135 Ibs


The Wiffle Ball carnival game is also the more challenging one. In this game, we will place a square container with 100 holes. Some of the holes are marked with blue, red, or yellow color. Each game has 2 black, 4 red, 6 blue, and 8 yellow rings to land on. Typically each player will receive two wiffle balls to toss into the color-coded holes. If two balls land into the holes with the same color, you’ll win a prize.

Wiffle Ball Carnival Game is an easy game that any age can play.  You decide on the winning combination or if you’re going to give out prizes!  Play as individual or play against a team.  You could set the rules as only blue are the winners or the order of the colors with so many balls per play.  Make it easier for those events for the younger crowd like elementary school fairs or make it difficult for trade show booth attractions. Add a couple of other of our deluxe carnival games like Deluxe Ring Toss, PuttSkee and Carnival MegaWire to top it off! No small table top games here!

The Wiffle Ball carnival game is a perfect game for school carnivals, college events, birthday parties or any special events. Reserve your Wiffle Ball carnival game rental today!

Includes with 36 softball sized wiffle balls.

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