Cash Money Blowing Machine Rental

The chance to win cash is irresistible! With the Cash Money Blowing Machine Rental, you can give people exactly that – but they’ll have to work for it. Anyone who steps into this money blowing machine can only leave with as much cash as they can hold in their hands – the rest stays behind. And with our customizable options, you can swap money for coupons, vouchers, and other non-cash options. If it can fly around in the air (safely!), it can be added to the Cash Money Blowing Machine!

Cash Money Blowing Machine Rental Features and Specs

  • Exciting and unique way to raise brand awareness
  • Simple rules – step into the booth and catch the cash, coupons, or vouchers
  • Glass doors and walls draw guests and encourage audience to cheer on
  • High-end model ensures safe usage with no tipping or breaking
  • State-of-the-art adjustable digital timer
  • Hassle-free, one-button operation
  • Replace cash with customizable coupons, vouchers, or fake money
  • Customize cash blowing machine base and top to display your branding, logo, or message
  • Optional customizable apron with company branding for participants to wear in booth
  • Pairs well with other trade show builders, arcade games, and racing simulators
  • DIMENSIONS: 58” L x 32” W x 90” H
  • ELECTRICITY: 120V, 10A
  • WEIGHT: 492 lbs
  • Electricity

    120v; 10 amps
  • Dimensions

    58"l x 32"w x 90"h
  • Weight

    492 lbs


It’s a mad grab for cash! The Cash Money Blowing Machine Rental is an exciting and truly unique way for guests at your next trade show booth, corporate sales meeting, themed event, holiday party, or another setting to get money. All your guests have to do is step into the money booth and catch as much of the cash as they can hold – but they can’t pick up anything they drop or that falls below their arms (and they can’t stuff their pockets either). Everyone in the room can watch as the lucky game-player makes a dash for the cash, coupons, or vouchers inside the booth. Cheer on as your colleague, friend, or even a stranger plays the game.

Cash Money Blowing Machine Rental high-tech features & safety features:

  • A programmable, customizable LED sign
  • A fully adjustable digital timer
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Add coupons, vouchers, and other similar papers in place of cash
  • Customizable top headers and base
  • Customizable apron for participants to wear inside the money booth
  • Constructed to not tip over or break while in use

The customization opportunities are endless with this money blowing machine! Add your company’s logo, branding, theme, or message to multiple areas. Include a custom message on the Cash Blowing Money Machine’s base, sides, top, and LED signs. Decorate an apron with your company info and require participants to wear it when entering the machine so that your brand stands out. Once they’re inside the machine, swap out cash for coupons, vouchers, certificates, or other papers with your branding or special offers on them.

The Cash Money Blowing Machine Rental is great for your next trade show booth! At just about 13 square feet of floor space, it can easily be the star of the show without taking over your entire space!

  • MAD GRAB FOR CASH: All your attendees need to do to get paid is catch as much money as possible before it hits the ground. Whatever they can hold in their hands and in their arms as they walk out of the booth, that’s what they take home!
  • FUN FOR ALL TO SEE: It’s not just the lucky person in the booth who gets to have all the fun. The Cash Blowing Money Machine has entirely clear walls and doors so that everybody can watch as attendees try to collect as much money as possible. These clear walls and doors are safe, too, with properly-weighted advanced construction materials to keep the booth anchored to the ground.
  • EXTENSIVE CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS: You can require participants to wear a customized apron with your company logo, branding, or message before stepping into the Cash Blowing Money Machine. You can even get your message in front of participants before they step in thanks to customizable lighting and top and base banners. Phoenix Amusements can also swap out cash for customizable coupons, vouchers, certificates, and fake money that can direct participants to your company.

Rent Games

When attendees walk the floor at a trade show, they might find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of booths to visit and products to try out. How can your booth stand out from the crowd and quickly become the must-see booth of the entire show? If you’re operating a trade show booth, you might want to rent a game to bring curious onlookers — and future customers — to your booth!

You’ll need a game that stands out from far away without dominating your limited space. Trade show traffic builders such as money blowing machines, fortune-telling machines, and classic arcade and sports games do exactly this. These games both jump out from their surroundings and occupy minimal floor space, meaning that you’ll be able to draw newcomers to your booth without a complicated setup.

The games you can rent from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA are super easy to play, so attendees of all skill levels can participate and get in on the fun. They’re so entertaining and low-pressure that they’ll bring new people together in an instant, making these arcade game rentals a great option for corporate sales meetings and other events when icebreakers are vital. You can also rent games to make sure that your next activation, themed event, holiday party, or other occasion is nothing short of unforgettable. Whether you’re at a convention center or hosting guests in your office, game rentals are certain to make your event an occasion to remember!

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