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Trade Show Traffic Builders

Companies use trade shows to highlight their products and to reach a targeted customer base.  Drawing the much sought after prospects in this limited time can be a daunting task.  Using Phoenix Amusements’ interactive entertainment along with your marketing message makes it an effective attention grabber.

Super Shot Basketball Games in Trade Show Booth

At Phoenix Amusements, we work with you to find the correct interactive game to fit your marketing message and booth space.  We have clients call us with their ideas and we in turn make suggestions.  In some instances, we will purchase that special unique piece to fit your needs.  Some of the most popular and effective traffic builders include:  Super Shot Basketball Simulators, UBQB Quarterback Toss Simulators, The Vault Money Booth or Cash Machine, Putting Challenge Golf Simulator and the old time classic Whac-A-Mole.

Breakout Sessions or Game Night

Your guests or employees have attended days of meetings or classes and now its time for the big night event.  Breakout sessions or Game Nights liberate all to relax, enjoy and bond in a casual fun atmosphere.


By using this opportunity, you can engage your audience with just fun games or provide a more competitive experience.  Teams can race against each other with our Micro Reality Race Track or compete against each other in our Xtreme Laser Tag (both items can be placed in doors or outdoors!).  From pool tables, nostaglic Classic Arcades, to traditional photo booth or high tech green screen with SocialShare, we can make your week long event end with a long lasting positive impression.

Schools, Colleges, & Churches

Schools everywhere hold annual events like their Spring Fling or Fall Festival to help fund raise.  Some hold events just to hold events!  From lock-ins to grad nights, Phoenix Amusements offers a range of entertainment to fit your needs and budget.


Most events include every age group when planning for a school fundraiser while a grad party for middle schoolers do not.  College events are geared for the older audience.

Appreciation Events

Appreciation events are a large sector in the event industry.  Companies hold Employee Appreciation Events to thank their employees.  While some companies hold appreciation events to thank their customers too..

harley davidson racing game

An Appreciation Event can be as simple as an event held at your company headquarters with a few entertainment items and concessions.  Or, your event could tie-in to a major Event like Hog Week or Sturgis.  Some companies host an appreciation event during a major trade show to show their customers’ their appreciation.

Photographic & Printing Tech

Green Screen Photography has come a long way in the last couple of years.  Most people do not release the options and fun that traditional green screen photos can add to their event.  Add on our SocialShare kiosk and even those who are technologically lacking or just don’t know their social media passwords, and you’ll increase your audience engagement tenfold.

Virtual Graffiti Walls options integrate green screen for ultimate personalization and now in Virtual Hero’s new software it integrates you in a new world and includes you in your own video.  Using a developer’s Kinect, we capture your motion and transform you!  Whether you want to be on Mars or in Lego World, we can work with you to fit your theme.

This last year, 3D printing possibilities leaped in its ability for use at LIVE events such as tradeshows or event corporate events. Check out our new entertainment product 3D Printing LIVE.

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Below you’ll find several photos and examples of events we’ve done over the years that feature some of the most sought after entertainment in our event gallery!