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How better to get more of your guests engaged at your event than with table games! From 2-player to 4-player table games to now even more! No event is complete without a few table game rentals. Besides serving as fillers for large spaces like ballrooms, table tournaments like billiards, ping pong, and foosball offer a highly competitive atmosphere that’s also perfect for initiating some team building fun and action.

Add an Element of Fun & Live Interaction with Arcade Table Game Rentals

Break the Monotony

In companies, popular table game rentals such as air hockey and shuffleboard table rentals make for excellent additions to large spaces like corporate recreation centers and break rooms. Joining a colleague in a game session is a fun way to relax as it helps relieve work stress and breaks the monotony of a corporate job. Plus, what better way to achieve team building and collaboration than with fun and competitive table games that bring alive the child in everyone!

You can also add some life to your corporate event or trade show booth by simple and cost-effective table game additions like pool table rentals and others. They also attract a ton of onlookers!

Engage Your Attendees

Want your event to be a smash hit? Then eliminate the need for small talk by renting our games! Table game rentals are a highly effective and entertaining tool with which you can get your guests to mingle … in no time. As attendees try to outdo each other, arcade table game rentals help liven the atmosphere in any setting, be it social or corporate.

Introduce Healthy Competition

Adults and children alike have a propensity for testing their game skills and have fun while they’re at it, encouraging healthy competition. And all arcade game rentals, be it ping pong or foosball rentals, have the best shot at doing just that as guests play, compete, cheer, and enjoy themselves to the fullest. Any hospitality or themed event could do with a table game rental to develop healthy game spirit!

Live Action with Phoenix Arizona’s Arcade Table Game Rentals

Some of the table games like our foosball and pool table rentals are coin-op versions but are set to free play as are all our games.
And we only provide commercial table games or professional tournament ones. No home rec room tables here! We also include all accessories to play the game (if you can have 4 players on the table, we provide the equipment for 4 not just 2!)

If you rent a pool table, for example, we provide a stand with at least four pool sticks. Some rental companies charge extra for the balls, cue and chalk. With Phoenix Amusements, you get everything you need to play included in the cost of the rental.

What’s more disappointing than to order a pool table rental and find that the pool table does not have a slate top! Book the top of line arcade table game rentals with Phoenix Amusements for your next event!

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