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How better to get more of your guests engaged at your event than with table games! From 2 player to 4 player table games to now even more!  No event is complete without a few table game rentals.  Besides as a filler for a large ballroom, table tournaments like billiards, ping pong or foosball offer a highly competitive atmosphere that’s also perfect for team building fun. Some of the table games like our pool tables and foosball are the coin-op version but set to free play as all our games.

And we only provide  commercial table games or professional tournament ones.  No home rec room tables here! We also include all accessories to play the game (if you can have 4 players on the table, we provide the equipment for 4 not just 2!) What’s more disappointing to order a pool table rental and the pool table does not have a slate top!  Book the top of line arcade games with Phoenix Amusements for you next event!

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