Pool Table Rental

Need a classic pub game to keep your guests entertained and engaged at your next corporate event? Rent our regulation-level pool table for your next sports-themed occasion, company holiday party, corporate retreat, industry mixer, or any other at which your co-workers, employees, and other attendees could use more fun or an easy way to interact with total strangers. We provide all the necessary accessories – sticks, balls, chalk, triangles – and can customize the billiards table felt to display your company’s visual branding. Tack on velvet ropes and chrome stanchions for an extra VIP feel!

Pool Table Rental Features

  • Instantly recognizable, classic pub and table game sure to reel in guests
  • Pool table for rent is great for matching sports-themed events
  • Excellent for driving interaction and engagement at team-building and networking events
  • Accessories included: pool sticks, billiards balls, cue chalk, and triangle
  • Setup and breakdown done on-site as long as event is accessible without stairs
  • Professional-level pool table with solid Slate slab with a thickness of three quarter-inches
  • Customizable felt for displaying company logo, slogan, or other visual branding
  • Red velvet ropes and chrome stanchions available for VIP feel

Pool Table Rental Specs

  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    93"l x 53"w x 31"h
  • Weight

    710 lbs


Rent a Pool Table!

Our billiards table rental is pro-level, so it’s perfect for your next professional event! If you need entertainment for your next corporate retreat, company holiday party, team-building event, or sports-themed occasion, this classic table game is an ideal choice. Few people out there don’t know what pool is, and many people who know it love it, so your pool table for rent is likely to be a hit wherever you use it!

When you book this pool table rental from Atlanta-based Phoenix Amusements, you don’t just get a widely beloved game that matches your sports theme, drives interaction in team-building settings, and entertains guests at parties and mixers. You also get everything you need for a successful, easy pool game, too. We provide pool sticks, balls, chalk, and a triangle so you don’t have to keep all these extra items in a storage closet somewhere until the next time you rent a pool table. As long as we don’t need to use stairs to get this pool table rental to and from your event, we can set it up and bring its accessories anywhere you need it – and take it all away when your event ends.

Pool Table Rental - No Hassle Rentals!

Our pool table rental is also the best in show. Its traditional green felt is regulation-level and lies atop a slate slab three-quarters of an inch thick, the exact dimensions used in professional billiards leagues. Any professional pool player knows that going thicker or thinner completely changes gameplay, so when you rent this billiards table, you give your event attendees a realistic gameplay experience they might not always get at their favorite pub.  All our tables are set on freeplay; no coins are needed!

We make this billiards rental especially fitting for corporate settings with customization options! Replace the standard green felt with customized felt that displays your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding. This way, you can engage people with your products and services when you use this pool table at networking events or other settings where the audience expands beyond your employees. Couple this customized felt with red velvet ropes and chrome stanchions for a VIP look that can take your event to the next level. Pair this pool table rental with our LED Lighted Pool Table or other classic table or sports games such as air hockey or NBA Hoops Basketball to unlock its full potential!

Pool Table Rental Highlights

  • CLASSIC PUB GAME: Need a game that immediately gets your guests’ attention at your next corporate event? This pool table for rent is a classic crowd-pleaser.
  • INTERACT AND ENGAGE: At your next team-building event, corporate retreat, or holiday party, use this pool table rental to gather your colleagues in a fun, interactive manner. You can use it for similar purposes at industry mixers and networking events, too!
  • ALL ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: You can’t play pool without sticks, balls, chalk, and a triangle, and lucky for you, we include all these items with our pool table for rent. This way, you don’t have to buy a bunch of accessories and figure out where to store them until your next billiards table rental.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Need to drive engagement with your company’s products and services? Swap out this table’s regulation-level, green felt for customized felt that displays your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding.
  • GO FANCY: For a VIP look, we offer red velvet ropes and chrome stanchions alongside our pool table rental, too.

Renting Table Games

Table games are a special game rental category. Sure, lots of people know classic arcade games, love sports simulations, or enjoy the nostalgia that comes with carnival games, but table games are so ubiquitous that people will be especially thrilled to see them when you rent them for your next corporate event.

Pool, ping-pong, air hockey, and other table games are staples of pubs, bars, college dorm common areas, and even some lucky childhood friends’ basements and rec rooms. Rent these familiar staples for networking events, team-building occasions, corporate retreats, and company celebrations to get people interacting in natural, fun ways that even drinks and snacks can’t quite provide. In networking settings, some table games can also be customized to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding. This way, you engage potential new business contacts with your products and services while they have a blast playing a game they’ve long loved!

When you choose Phoenix Amusements for your table game rental, you don’t just get a clunky, merely passable pool or shuffleboard table. You get a table model that’s used in professional leagues – you and your colleagues are professionals, so why settle for anything less? In some cases, you can rent table games with extra eye-catching LED lighting, too. Contact us today to rent the perfect table game to light up your next corporate event!

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