Strike A Light Game

Blink and you’ll miss it! Pairs of guests at your next corporate event will have a blast keeping up with the rapidly changing light and colors of the Strike a Light carnival game rental. Unlike the Chaos Strike A Light game, this arcade game rental is perfect for pairs going head to head. This quick-thinking, fast-motion party game only occupies nine square feet of floor space. Customize it with your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding to engage players with your products and services! The four-player Chaos Strike A Light  version is also available from Atlanta’s Phoenix Amusements.

  • Tabletop game with colorful flashing lights and fast motion stands out and draws crowds
  • Occupies only nine square feet of floor space, so great for crowded corporate settings
  • Provides entertainment for holiday parties, networking events, and breakout sessions
  • Builds traffic at trade show booths and stands out from rows away
  • Customize to display your company’s logo, slogan, and other visual branding
  • Engage guests with your products and services during gameplay
  • DIMENSIONS: 3’ L x 3’ W x 4’ H
  • WEIGHT: 33 lbs
  • Pairs well with other table games and trade show games, as well as retro arcade games, interactive games, and team-building games!
  • Electricity

    5 amps; 120v
  • Dimensions

    36"l x 36"w x 48"h
  • Weight

    33 lbs


The Strike a Light Game is a 30-second adrenaline rush perfect for your next corporate event. At networking events, holiday parties, Friday breakout sessions, birthday parties, College Parties and Family Events, you can count on Strike a Light to give your co-workers, employees  and friends quick bursts of fun that are great for encouraging interaction and team-building. At larger events with seemingly countless guests, people in the room will notice the fast, intense body movements of this game’s current players – not to mention all the flashing and changing lights and colors – so it’s a great arcade game rental if you’re looking to draw crowds and build traffic.

Strike-a-Light packs rapid fun into just nine square feet of floor space, so there’s no corporate setting into which you can’t fit it. Worried about fitting a game rental into an event packed with tables, seats, and tables full of catering? Then Strike a Light is a great option. Nervous that a game rental will take up too much of your trade show booth’s precious floor space? Then turn to Strike a Light. In both these settings, Strike a Light stands out from far away and builds traffic. Not nearly every trade show booth will have an eye-catching, entertaining game option available, so rent this two-player game to draw people who might otherwise miss your booth.

You can also customize your Strike a Light rental so that, when people play it, they’re automatically engaged with your products and services. At Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, we can alter the sides of this table game to display your company’s logo, slogan, and other visual branding items. This way, as the people playing the game work to strike as many lights as they can before time runs out, they’ll take in everything you want them to know about your company, leading to potential new customers and business contacts.

Strike a Light pairs well with other table games and arcade games such as LED Foosball and Pacman. You can also rent it alongside the four-player version of Strike a Light for the ultimate light-bashing experience!

  • FLASHY AND FUN: Strike a Light is so full of flashing lights and eye-catching colors that it’s almost certain to stand out at your next corporate event. Rent it to draw crowds and build traffic in all manner of corporate settings.
  • COMPACT COMPETITION: This competitive table game occupies merely nine square feet of floor space, so there’s no corporate setting where it won’t fit! Rent it for your next company anniversary party, product activation, or trade show booth.
  • BUILD TRAFFIC: This colorful, compact game stands out from far distances at crowded trade shows, so you can use it to build traffic at your trade show booth and expose expo attendees to your products and services.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Customize your Strike a Light rental to display your company’s logo, slogan, and other visual branding along the sides of the table. As guests play the game, they’ll take in all kinds of info about your products and services, helping you to connect with new customers and business contacts.


Table Games for Parties 

Looking to entertain guests at your next corporate event or inform them about your products and services? Table games get the job done.

For pure entertainment purposes at company anniversary celebrations, holiday parties, networking events, and other settings, try table games such as shuffleboard and air hockey to get a buzz going. Your co-workers, employees, and other guests will love to see these classic table games available to play, and as people gather around and wait for their turns, they’ll be more likely to interact with the people around them. You can also rent two-player table games to help with team-building at Friday breakout sessions, company retreats, and other occasions!

Some table games can also be customized to display information about your company’s products and services. At a networking event or trade show booth, table rentals such as Strike a Light can be customized to show off your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding so that people playing the game can learn all about your products and services as they have a blast. Customized table games can provide a seamless way to expose your company to new potential customers and business contacts. Get in touch with Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA today to rent a table game for your next corporate event!

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