Shuffleboard Table Rental

Rent our shuffleboard table for your next corporate event to keep your guests engaged! Whether you use this shuffleboard table rental to draw passersby to your trade show booth, provide a fun team-building experience at your next Friday breakout session, or bring some extra flair and entertainment to your company picnic, you’ll likely notice that your event guests will be eager to play a round or two (or even three) of this longtime bar staple.

Shuffleboard Table Rental Features & Specs

  • Classic, widely beloved pub staple and table game
  • Shuffleboard rental is great for colleague bonding during a day of team-building activities
  • Ideal for rewarding your colleagues with an entertaining game at internal events and celebrations
  • Helps to draw passersby to trade show booths in crowded, competitive convention centers
  • Customize to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding items along table sides and on pucks
  • DIMENSIONS: 108” L x 24” W x 31” H
  • WEIGHT: 110 lbs
  • Pairs well with other table games, team-building games, and trade show games as well as carnival games and event accessories!
  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    108"l x 24"w x 31"h
  • Weight

    110 lbs


Shuffleboard is a classic, widely beloved table game and pub staple that will make a splash at your next corporate event! If you’re putting together an unforgettable afternoon of team-building activities, you can count on this shuffleboard rental to provide your colleagues with a bonding experience via this multiplayer game that requires interaction and teamwork. If you’re hosting a company picnic, holiday party, or another internal celebration, a pub game as familiar as shuffleboard is an ideal game rental for rewarding your colleagues with a fun, exciting event addition that many of your guests will be eager to play!

Social Distance with a Shuffleboard Table Rental

This shuffleboard rental is also an excellent addition for your next trade show booth or product activation if you have enough space. This nine-foot-long shuffleboard table can help you to draw passersby to your booth from rows away in a crowded convention center, because your company just might be the only one with a classic table game available to play! Once your shuffleboard rental has drawn new attendees to your booth, you can present them with your products, services, and other important information before, during, or after their game. This tried-and-true marketing tactic is effective for both direct-to-consumer and business-to-business engagement.

Our shuffleboard rental pairs well with other table game rentals such as billiards, ping pong, and foosball. It also works well alongside other team-building games such as PuttSkee Golf and Giant Beer Pong!

  • BAR CLASSIC: Almost everybody knows and loves shuffleboard! A shuffleboard rental is just the game to excite attendees at your next corporate event.
  • BUILD YOUR TEAM: When you propose team-building activities to your colleagues, they might not react with enthusiasm. That’s likely to change when you offer a team-building game such as shuffleboard, which is also way more fun than standard team-building activities!
  • DRAW CROWDS: Shuffleboard might become the life of the party at your next internal celebration. It can be just as useful at events outside your building, where it can help to increase your audience and draw passersby at trade show booths and networking events.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: If you need an extra marketing push, you can count on this shuffleboard table to get the job done! Its sides and pucks are customizable, so you can use them to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding items.
  • PAIRS WELL WITH: Other table games, trade show games, and team building games, as well as carnival games and event accessories!

Renting Table Games for Events

Rent a table game for your next corporate event to take the occasion to the next level! A table game is more than just a game – it’s a portal to a world of team-building and marketing possibilities.

A table game can provide team-building options that are way more fun – and often quicker to complete – than traditional in-office team-building activities that might not do much to excite or impress your colleagues. Plus, since they’re both faster and more entertaining than standard team-building activities, your co-workers and employees might want to play them several times, meaning your table game rental gets you plenty of bang for your buck!

Many table game rentals also include customization options that enable you to turn your table game into a marketing push. Including your company’s logo, slogan, and other visual branding items on your customized game rental is a long tried-and-true tactic for increasing brand awareness and consumer engagement at trade shows, networking events, product activations, and so many other corporate settings! It’s also useful for making a game you’re renting as a film set prop – for which we handle all table game setup, breakdown, and storage – appear much more realistic for your setting. Contact Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA to learn all about what table games can do for your business.

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