LED Lighted Foosball

LED Lighted Foosball

Play in the dark with our Lighted Foosball Table!

The LED lights can be changed to different colors and definitely attract a crowd!  Can be programmed to match your event decor too.  Solid colors, alternative colors or chasing lights. You decide!

You can play in the dark with our LED Lighted Foosball!

Our LED Lighted Foosball Tables turn heads! The playing surface of these tables light up creating a glow throughout the playfield and surfaces. Players battle on the commercial Tornado Foosball table with up to four players at a time. A table with 8 rods and ‘table soccer’ figures all over with a ball and some handles.

Dimensions: 55.5″ long x 30.5″ wide x 34.5″ tall
Electrical Needs: 3 amps; 110v