LED Lighted Foosball

Chances are that you’ve seen foosball somewhere in your life, but what about glow-up foosball? This LED Lighted Foosball Table adds a cool neon vibe to a longtime classic bar and arcade game. The LED lights around the perimeter of the playfield can change color, and they can be set to match your company’s branding or your event’s theme. You can even set the lights to display more than one color – and best of all, the lights mean that guests at your next corporate event can play the LED foosball table in even the dimmest, darkest of rooms.


  • Classic arcade game that everyone knows and many people love
  • Vivid LED lights draw crowds from across the room
  • Bright enough to properly light playfield in even the most dimly lit settings
  • Change light color to match your event or company’s theme or branding
  • Display multiple colors to make foosball especially enticing
  • Each team has 13 soccer figures, one more than in most tables, enhancing gameplay
  • One of many LED game rentals available, including LED air hockey and LED shuffleboard
  • DIMENSIONS: 55.5″ L x 30.5″ W x 34.5″ H
  • WEIGHT: 205
  • Pairs well with other arcade game rentals, sports game rentals, trade show traffic builders, and more!
  • Electricity

    3 amps
  • Dimensions

    55.5″ L x 30.5″ W x 34.5″ H
  • Weight



This LED foosball table does more than glow in the dark – it lights up the whole room. Whether you’re renting a foosball table for a dimly lit event or just want a light up foosball table to bring a new level of excitement to your event, the LED lights around the perimeter of the playfield won’t let your guests down.

The LED lights aren’t just fancy decorations. This LED foosball table has more than enough color options to match your company’s branding or your event’s theme, so you can use it to offer guests a fun game while seamlessly pushing your event or product. The lights can be set to multi-color, giving you seemingly countless options for how to light up the table – and your event.

This foosball table isn’t just exciting for its lights. It also comes with 13 soccer figures per team, whereas many come with just 12 figures. This tiny difference makes gameplay even easier to defend your goal and harder to score.

Use this LED foosball table at your next company holiday party to make the night especially entertaining or set it up at the front of your next trade booth to offer passersby an irresistible game to play as they travel the room. Pair the LED Lighted Foosball Table with other LED games such as LED Air Hockey, NBA Hoops LED Basketball, or the LED Pool Table to truly light up the night!

  • LED LIGHTS: Get the party going with the LED Lighted Foosball Table! With bright LED lights lining the playfield, this foosball table is certain to bring a party vibe to your next event and encourage people to get their game on.
  • IN LIVING COLOR: You can change the color of this foosball table’s LED lights to match your event’s theme or your company’s branding. You can also set the lights to display more than one color, giving you essentially limitless lighting options.
  • CLASSIC GAME: Foosball is among the best-known, most widely beloved arcade and bar games. Renting a foosball table for your event is already a smart, crowd-building choice – adding lights to the equation means you’re even likelier to make an impact.
  • ALL OF THE LIGHTS: The LED Lighted Foosball Table is far from the only LED game option available. Pair it with other LED arcade classics to make your event a night to remember!

Engage with Arcade Games

Renting games is an underappreciated way to draw crowds and engage consumers and clients with your company’s products and services. Set up a game at your next trade show booth, product activation, company-hosted industry networking event, or another corporate occasion to connect people with your brand while offering them a fun activity they might not get to enjoy often elsewhere!

A claw machine, money-blowing box, or fortune-telling rental can be seen from rows away at a trade show, drawing passersby in from rows away. In providing these passersby an exciting, fun game when they arrive at your booth, you can also engage them with your product thanks to the ample customization options that trade show traffic builders provide. You can customize the frames, bases, and LED displays of many trade show traffic builders to display your logo or slogan, and you can customize the prizes people win in certain games to showcase your branding too. Whoever said work and fun had to remain separate was wrong!

The same mindset applies to your next product activation or company-hosted industry event. Making your new product available as a prize to be won in a customized game is a great way to have your brand linger in consumers’ minds, and setting up a sports game with a customized LED panel at a networking event you’re hosting both pushes your product and provides attendees with a much more fun, low-stakes way to get to know each other than in formal meetings. Rent a game from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA to make the most out of your next event!

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