Battle Toss Game Rental

A very, very competitive game, skill-based, random and fun! Easy to play and fun to watch too!

  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    31"H x 15"W
  • Weight

    6 lbs


Great indoor or outdoor game!

Battle Toss is new game that is truly competitive and fun to play. Great as an outdoor game but fabulous indoors too. Add to your next backyard games or tailgating party!

Easy and fun game for all ages! Several ways to play Battle Toss.

  • Classic Battle Toss: Two 1-2 player teams battle for supremacy. Each team takes turns tossing their Battle Balls into a net on the game board. The first team to get four balls in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line_wins the Battle!
  • Speed Toss Battle-In this fast-paced game of Battle Toss, 2 teams quickly toss their Battle Balls into the net nonstop. The first team to get 4 Battle Balls in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line wins!
  • Solitary Battle Toss: Battle Toss doesn’t need a team to play. To go it alone, toss your Battle Bots into the net on the game board. See just how many throws it takes you to get four balls aligned horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
  • Ball Bounce Battle: During gameplay, players take turns bouncing their team’s Battle Balls onto a patio, driveway or other hard surface and then into the net. The first team to get four balls in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line wins.

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