Chaos Strike A Light

Blink and you might just miss the light! When you play this Chaos Strike a Light game, any time you hit an unlit button or a button lit with a color other than yours, you lose points – and with how quickly these buttons turn dark and change colors, this game is full of opportunities for backward motion. Bring this choas ball board game that’s quick-thinking, fast-motion arcade table game to your next event!

Chaos Strike a Light game Features & Specs

  • Fast-paced gameplay puts hand-eye coordination to the test
  • Simple rules and setup for heart-pounding fun
  • Accommodates four players at a time
  • Occupies 16 square feet of floor space
  • Perfect size for attracting foot traffic without distracting from main event
  • Customizable game skirt can display your company’s logo, branding, message, or theme
  • DIMENSIONS: 4’ L X 4’ W X 3’ H
  • WEIGHT: 65 lbs
  • Pairs well with other trade show traffic builders, arcade games, or sports game rentals
  • Electricity

    5 amps; 120v
  • Dimensions

    48"l x 48"w x 36"h
  • Weight

    65 lbs


Competitive & Easy: Choas Strike A Light Game

You’re facing a square field with 16 buttons, four LED signs, and gleaming swaths of red, blue, yellow, and green. How do you know which buttons to hit? How can you hit the right buttons before their color disappears and their lights turn off? These are the key questions in this highly competitive Chaos Strike a Light Game, which can accommodate two to four players in a fast-paced battle of hand-eye coordination.

Step up to your color – red, blue, yellow, or green – and study the buttons for a second. Think about how easily you can reach certain buttons, because before you know it, your color will shine bright from a button all the way across the board. You’ll have to step forward in a flash into your opponent’s territory to hit buttons and earn yourself points. Hit an unlit button or a button that’s someone else’s color, and you’ll lose points!

The Strike a Light game is undoubtedly chaotic, but its disorder doesn’t come at the expense of gameplay ease. Its rules are straightforward, and all you need to play it is your arms, though good hand-eye coordination wouldn’t hurt. The simplicity of striking buttons as the right color appears makes this game as easy to enjoy for people who spend plenty of time at arcades as for people who don’t often find themselves around big games like this one.

This game is so eye-popping and unique that people are sure to make their way in line to play it, so Chaos Strike a Light is ideal for building traffic at trade show booths. Since it occupies just a 4 x 4 foot of floor space, it will add intrigue and build interest without distracting from the main event at hand. And with so many potential new customers at your booth, you’ll be grateful that you can customize the game’s skirt to display your company’s branding, message, logo, or theme. To draw in even more passersby, consider pairing this game with other trade show traffic builders such as the Cash Blowing Money Machine or the Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine.

  • FRIENDLY AND CHALLENGING COMPETITION: Players stand across one, two, or three other players to begin the Strike a Light game. Each player has a clear view of their opponents’ area. Lights of all different colors will pop up in front of each player. Their job is to fish through all the chaos and hit only the buttons that correspond to the color. They just need to make sure to do so before the light turns off!
  • EASY GAMEPLAY: Although this game quickly gets fast-paced and competitive, its rules are super easy to understand. All players are required to do is hit lights corresponding to their color whenever, wherever they appear, all before the lights turn off. With rules this straightforward, people who spend lots of time in arcades or playing video games are as likely to enjoy this game as are total newcomers.
  • SIMPLE SETUP: Even though this game can accommodate four players – twice as many as most game rentals can – it only takes up 16 square feet of floor space. This modest size makes the game perfect for drawing passersby to trade show booths or other corporate events without taking up so much space that your visitors can’t freely move about the booth and engage with your core product.


Arcade Trade Show

If your booth is one of many at a trade show, then you’ll really need to put in extra work to draw people to your station. Arcade game rentals and other amusements from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA can help with that. An attraction such as the Strike a Light game or the Cash Blowing Money Machine isn’t just a fun source of entertainment – these interactive activities stand out across the room, grabbing the attention of trade show attendees while setting you apart as the hottest attraction on the floor.

Game rentals can make a substantial difference outside trade shows, too. Renting a game for your next corporate event, whether a company-wide training or a holiday party, can ensure that attendees don’t forget the occasion any time soon. Over Star Wars Pinball or Super Shot Basketball, people who don’t yet know each other can easily forge connections in ways that might feel more forced in traditional networking settings. Even longtime coworkers who aren’t that close yet can grow their relationships when a game rental lessens the stakes and formality of their usual interactions.

Game rentals usually involve rules so simple that anyone can easily learn them. If your employees bring their kids to a family-friendly corporate party, they’ll have no trouble learning the rules and staying entertained. Adults, of course, will have fun too, because the simplicity of something like air hockey or Big Buck Hunter can keep even the least experienced players engaged for quite some time. Rent a game to make sure your next event offers attendees the very most it can!

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