Foosball Table

You’ve seen it at bars, arcades, and even the occasional home game room – now, bring foosball to your next event or trade show booth! Foosball is among the most timeless of party rentals, so it’s great for engaging guests at your next themed event, hospitality event, or other corporate occasions. Easily build crowds with this bar game staple that your event attendees will be eager to play!

  • Classic party game seen at countless bars, arcades, and occasional home game rooms
  • Familiarity of game quickly draws large crowds of players and onlookers
  • Great game for teams, encouraging strangers to interact and join forces
  • Ideal party rental for sports-themed or bar-themed events
  • Perfect for entertaining employees and their guests at company holiday parties
  • DIMENSIONS: 56″ L x 30″ W x 36″ H
  • WEIGHT: 355 lbs
  • Pairs well with other classic arcade games, trade show traffic builders, sports games, and countless other party rentals!
  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    56"l x 30"w x 36"h
  • Weight

    355 lbs


When you hear the word “foosball,” you can probably already conjure the image in your head: At least two players, but likely four plus a crowd of cheering onlookers, gathered around a table in a bar or at an arcade, frantically flicking their wrists or cheering on their friends. Foosball will prove tough for your employees, co-workers, and other attendees to ignore at your next corporate event. Whether guests want to play or just enjoy the excitement from afar, a foosball table rental is a perfect addition to the company break room, a trade show booth, and so many more opportunities.

Gameplay couldn’t be easier: Players will choose one of the two teams, then control all four rods corresponding to that team. Two rods will control a row of three soccer figures, another rod will control five, and a final rod will control two, bringing the total number of figures to 13 per team. It might sound too easy to be any fun, but anybody who’s played foosball knows that’s not the case. The constant challenges involved in playing foosball turn this tabletop game into an enthralling interactive event, so a foosball table rental at your next will gather crowds, get a buzz going, and make it easier for your guests to meet new people, network, and have a good time.

There’s no learning curve when it comes to foosball: anyone can walk up to the table, grab the handles, and get going! Use a foosball table rental at a holiday party to encourage your employees and their families and guests to bond over a great game, or set up a foosball table at a corporate sales meeting for a fun break from the serious action. You can even count on a foosball table rental to build traffic at your trade show booth, since passersby might want to play a game or two (or three!). Pair this foosball table rental with other party rentals such as LED air hockey, Frogger, or the Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine for the full effect!

  • CLASSIC GAME: Everyone knows foosball! Countless bars and arcades use foosball tables to keep patrons entertained, so there will be no guessing when attendees walk up to the table at your next event.
  • TEAM-FRIENDLY: Foosball can accommodate two to four players, whether a match is between two people, a person and a team of two people, or two teams of two people. Teams can make gameplay significantly easier while encouraging people to interact in ways they might not otherwise. And as more people play, crowds are more likely to gather!
  • STACKED FIELD: Some foosball tables equip each team with four rows of three soccer figures each for a total of 12 figures. This foosball table rental, on the other hand, has a total of 13 figures – two rows of three soccer figures, another row of five, and a final row of two – making gameplay even more challenging for your guests.
  • EASY AS PIE: The rules and main objective of foosball are so simple that even guests who haven’t played in a while can quickly find themselves entertained and overjoyed while playing. That’s why foosball is the ideal game for trade show booths, company holiday parties, themed events, activations, and other corporate settings.


Party Game Rentals

Make your next event unforgettable! A party game rental from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA is just what your event needs to get to the next level. These attractions make your event more memorable, connecting your brand with potential new clients and customers. Game rentals can do all of the above!

Let’s say you’re planning your company’s annual holiday party. What will keep the crowd buzzing from beginning to end? Drinks and hors d'oeuvres only go so far – game rentals, on the other hand, put people in fun, friendly competition with each other. Talk about a memorable event -- and it’s all thanks to the careful service provided by Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA.

If you’ll be having potential new clients or customers at your event, you can use game rentals to engage them with your product. Many game rentals are customizable, meaning that you can adorn them with your logo, slogan, or other key branding. That way, as people step into your Cash Blowing Money Machine or gear up for a game of NBA Hoops LED Basketball, they’ll inevitably get to know what your company is all about as they have a blast at your event.

Game rentals can be especially helpful for building traffic at trade show booths, where your company is in fierce competition with other brands and products. Not nearly every booth will have a classic arcade game ready for people to play, so if yours does, you’ll quickly draw in more people while engaging them with your brand. Best of all, many game rentals occupy minimal floor space, meaning they won’t make your booth unnavigable. Rent a game from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA today to unlock your brand’s potential!

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