With the H2Overdrive Powerboat simulator, you can turn your next event into an unforgettable, interactive occasion. Hosting a travel-themed event, or showcasing your latest thrilling attraction? Then let your co-workers, employees, and other guests power into the horizon with this powerboat racing simulator that resembles the real thing in a safe, controlled environment. Better yet, if your company sells boats of any sort, then at your next trade show, product activation, or any other marketing occasion, rent this powerboat racing game to drive home your point as strongly as possible!  The H2Overdrive Arcade is great for the younger guests since there’s no need for a pedal; throttle your way through this awesome overdrive game!

H2Overdrive Arcade Racing Game Specs & Features

  • Racing game simulates powerboats instead of more common sports cars
  • Great for fitting event themes including travel, cars, bikes, and so much more
  • Excellent game rental for boating companies to use at all manner of events
  • Rent speedboat racing simulator to offer realistic experience at product activations
  • Speedboat racing game resembles real-life powerboat racing at trade show booths
  • Seven-foot-tall game rental draws passersby from rows away at crowded trade shows
  • DIMENSIONS: 67” L x 44” W x 84” H
  • WEIGHT: 300 lbs
  • Pairs well with other racing simulators and trade show games as well as sports games and arcade games!
  • Electricity

    120V; 5A
  • Dimensions

    67” L x 44” W x 84” H
  • Weight

    300 lbs


When you think of racing games, you probably think of cars, whether in the form of an at-home video game using traditional controllers or a giant simulator with a huge seat, steering wheel, and brake and gas pedals at an arcade. You’re a bit less likely to have encountered boat racing games, but that’s exactly what the H2O Overdrive is – and it’s just as fun and widely useful as the car games you know so well.

For your next water-themed event, rent this powerboat racing simulator to give your co-workers, employees, and other guests a feel for what it’s like to race through 7 watery tracks and take in all the glorious views from around the world. For a boat-themed event, rent this Overdrive Game to offer an alternative to the four-seaters dominating your space.

Why H2Overdrive Arcade Racing Game?

This arcade racing game stands out at any event with its’ high def LCD panel with stunning in your face graphics!  Besides the graphics, arcade game play is dope.  Powerups, perform stunts or acrobatic maneuvers in this powerful racing arcade game. Drawing people to your booth is that much easier with the H20 Overdrive game, which you can pair with other trade show games such as the Grab N Go Claw Machine Rental or other racing simulators such as the NASCAR Racing Simulators for road and water effect!

  • SPEEDBOAT NOT CAR: Many popular racing simulators are focused on cars piledriving toward the finish line. The H2Overdrive is different. It’s a thriling experience that brings the daredevil speedboat experience of the open waters to the screen.
  • FIT YOUR THEME: Whether you’re hosting a corporate event with a theme of travel, boats, racing, or something else, this powerboat racing simulator for rent is an excellent choice for bringing your theme to life. Get creative – there’s almost always a way to make this game work for your setting.
  • BOAT COMPANY: If you work for a Boat company, then at your next trade show booth or product activation, you might want a way to draw attendees in your booth. Use H2Overdrive Game to speed them in.
  • AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE: This seven-foot-tall game stands out from rows away at even the most crowded of convention centers, so passersby will be certain to see it and, therefore, way more likely to swing by your booth.

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