Double Shot Basketball

Who can score the most points before time runs out? That’s the question that pairs of guests at your next corporate event will rush to answer when you rent Double Shot Basketball for the occasion. Whether you use this basketball carnival game for a sports-themed event, product activation, or company picnic, you’ll love how lightweight, portable, and unobtrusive it is, and your guests will flock to it. Customize the backboard to showcase your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding to get your products across through fun and games!

Double Shot Basketball Features & Specs

  • Lightweight, portable, unobtrusive game easier to work with than bigger sports games
  • Thin but strong metal frame folds and transports easily
  • Constructed from light materials – ideal for easy moving and transport
  • Customizable backboard can display your company’s logo, slogan, or visual branding
  • Ideal for outdoors settings including company picnics and carnivals
  • Also great for indoor settings such as holiday parties and product activations
  • DIMENSIONS: 83” L x 41” W x 81” H
  • WEIGHT: 50 lbs
  • Pairs well with other sports games as well as carnival games, arcade games, racing simulators, and concessions!
  • Electricity

    120AC, 3 amps
  • Dimensions

    83"l x 41"w x 81"h
  • Weight

    50 lbs


Double Shot Basketball aka Pop A Shot Basketball Game

Double Shot Basketball is one of many basketball games for rent from Atlanta-based Phoenix Amusements, and it’s a perfect choice if you need a lightweight, portable, unobtrusive game. Instead of a huge metal frame that requires ample effort to set up, this basketball game rental has a much smaller metal frame that easily folds in on itself, with collapsible walls made from lightweight mesh ideal for easy moving and storage. The backboard is super light too, and that’s not its only perk.

With Double Shot Basketball, you can use the backboard to give attendees at your next corporate event a natural way to engage with your product as they have fun shooting hoops. You can customize the backboard of this basketball game rental to display not the usual decorations, but your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding instead. This way, when your guests step up to compete against another player to see who can score the most points in a rapid timeframe, they’ll be exposed to your company as they enjoy the thrill of the game. Then, when the game is over, your company’s branding will linger long in your guests’ minds, potentially leading to new customers down the line.

Double Shot Basketball is just as useful for events where the crowd already knows your product. Rent this basketball game for a company picnic, holiday party, themed event, or another corporate setting to give your co-workers, employees, and guests an entertainment option that’s sure to be a hit. You can easily and quickly set up this game along a wall of an indoor room or at the far edge of your outdoor space to offer your event attendees a chance to face other people head-on in competitive basketball shooting. You’ll be enthused to see so many people heading over to your Double Shot Basketball rental and chatting it up as they wait their turn.

For even more sports-themed fun, you can pair Double Shot Basketball with other sports games such as the Soccer Super Kixx and the Football Quarterback Pass Game. You can even rent it alongside arcade games such as Tetris, racing simulators such as Fast and Furious, and carnival games such as Ring Toss to make your event shine like a diamond!

  • LIGHTWEIGHT HOOPS: Clocking in at just 50 pounds, Double Shot Basketball is significantly lighter than other basketball carnival game rentals. If you’re concerned about ease of transportation at your event, then this is the basketball game option for you.
  • STURDY AND STABLE: Although this basketball game is lightweight, its metal frame ensures a stable hold once it’s set up, and the fabric comprising the ball storage and court area is just heavy enough to keep everything perfectly in place.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE BACKBOARD: Put your company’s logo, slogan, and branding right in front of guests playing this game with this rental’s fully customizable backboard! As players rush to get more points than their opponents, they’ll be exposed to your products and services.
  • VERSATILE USE: Double Shot Basketball works wonders for events with themes including, but certainly not limited to, basketball, sports, arcades, and carnivals. You can set it up outdoors, if you have electrical access, and indoors. There’s no setting that’s not great for Double Shot Basketball!

 Sports Theme Party

For your next company picnic, themed event, holiday party, networking event, or another corporate occasion, renting a sports game can both entertain your guests and introduce them to your company’s services and products. Sports games provide an entertainment source that’s bound to be popular among your event’s attendees, and they can engage potential new customers and business contacts with your company in ways that business cards and brochures just can’t achieve.

A great example of a sports game that entertains and educates is Double Shot Basketball. You can customize this game so that its backboard displays your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding. This way, when strangers to your company step up for a game, they’ll learn about your products and services as they go for the gold. Who knew a rapid-paced sports game rental could be such an effective marketing tool?

Sports game rentals can also help you to reinforce your corporate event’s theme. If you’re putting together a sports-themed occasion, then a row of sports games to complete your football, basketball, and soccer ball decorations gets the message across that much more strongly. Since many sports games are common in arcades and at carnivals too, you can rent sports games for your next arcade- or carnival-themed event too. With so many options for sports games, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA now about renting a sports game for your next event!

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