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Retro Arcade Game Rental

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In an age where we’re always looking for something new and exciting, old arcade games buck the norm.  A resurgence for nostalgic vintage arcade games at corporate events and trade show vip lounges continually rise as a more sought after them for event rentals. Whether your theme is purely a retro game night or you want to add a few retro games to your entertainment, these classic arcade games will be played throughout your event!

80s arcade games and retro games such as Pac Mac family of arcade machines, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Centipede and more comprise a small portion of our Retro Games.  Our classic arcade games are still in their original cabinets with some cabinets with the original artwork. Did you know that Ms. Pacman’s artwork is painted not a vinyl decal?

We’re one of the few that repair their own equipment. That is why you see our classic arcade games inventory is one of the largest in the nation. On top of that, we own our arcade games rental inventory. We’re always adding to our classic video games selection, so check back with us often.

We not only rent arcades for events and activations; we also provide arcade rental for corporate breakrooms or to retail areas to keep customers in your store. In the long term rental situation, we provide this service to the Atlanta Metro and nearby areas. We limit this service to proximity to our Atlanta office to ensure the highest service for these clients.

Rent retro games for a corporate sales meeting to more naturally introduce potential new clients to your team, or use them at holiday parties to help longtime coworkers more easily get to know each other better.  With hundreds of game rental options available through Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA, we can help you make the very best of your next event!

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