Portable Bleachers Rental – 15 Feet Long

For themed events or occasions with spectators, you need ample seating that allows for easy setup and close audience proximity to the action. These 15-foot bleachers for rent get the job done for up to 40 spectators. This portable bleachers rental brings the action directly to your guests at your sports-themed events and other spectator settings. For ease of setup, storage, and movement, these bleachers tip, fold, and roll – but when they’re in place, they’re as stable as permanent fixtures.

  • Seat 40 people at your next themed event or spectator occasion
  • 15-foot bleachers for rent gather large crowd in modest amount of space
  • Suitable for indoor use and outdoor use on level surfaces
  • Bleachers tip and roll for easy transport and storage
  • Casters for easy movement and caster brakes for thorough bleacher stability
  • Aluminum frame less heavy than most frames, making bleachers easier to transport
  • Four rows of seats, with footrests for top two rows or 4 rows total
  • DIMENSIONS: 15’ L x 7’ W x 2.5’ H
  • WEIGHT: 418 lbs
  • Pairs well with sports games, concessions, giant games, and other temporary event equipment!
  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    180"l x 84"w x 30"h
  • Weight

    418 lbs


For your next sports-themed event, you’ll need to make sure a big crowd can watch the game unfold in all its drama and high stakes. This portable bleachers rental allows you to place your event’s attendees as close to the action as you want, putting the power to host a riveting, unforgettable themed event fully in your hands!

These bleachers include three rows of seats, with footrests for the top two rows so your guests’ legs aren’t left haphazardly dangling. You can easily seat 40 people in these bleachers, which enable you to host a large audience no matter the occasion. They’re just as suitable for outdoor settings as for indoor events as long as the ground is level, so there’s no limit to how you can use these bleachers!

You can easily move these bleachers from one setting to another when you need seating for subsequent nearby events. These bleachers for rent tip up onto swivel casters that enable movement, and once you’ve reset the bleachers in their new location, you can use the caster brakes to prevent your bleachers from rolling or moving. As if swivel casters and tipping functions weren’t enough to make these portable bleachers the best available, the frame of these bleachers is made from aluminum, which is perfectly durable while remaining lightweight and easy to move around.

At 15 feet long and 30 inches tall, these bleachers provide ample seating in a relatively compact space! Pair these bleachers with a smaller 15-seat set or another 40-seat set to expand your audience size, and couple them with sports games such as Hoop Fever Basketball Hoops or the UBQB Football Toss to take your themed event to its highest potential!

  • AMPLE SEATING: These 15-foot bleachers seat up to 40 people, making them ideal for gathering large crowds close to sporting events and other competitive team games. You can also use them to provide seating near a guest speaker delivering an address to an eager crowd.
  • EASY TO MOVE: Need temporary seating that you can easily move between different rooms? These bleachers for rent get the job done. They tip and roll for easy storage and movement. Use the swivel casters on these bleachers to roll them to their next location, then set up the bleachers and apply the caster brakes to ensure a stable setup.
  • LIGHTER THAN THE REST: The aluminum frame under these bleachers make them significantly less heavy than other transportable bleachers, so you won’t struggle nearly as much to move them between settings.
  • USE WHEREVER: These bleachers work as well for outdoor sporting events as for indoor occasions. As long as the surface on which they’re resting is level, these bleachers will remain stable and offer plenty of seating.
  • COMPACT BUT PLENTIFUL: At just 15 feet wide by 7 feet deep, these bleachers provide space to seat large crowds so everyone gets a perfect view without taking up a ton of space. Use them to place audiences close to the source of the action while allowing everyone to see clearly in front of them!


Use Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta for all your event rental needs

Game rentals provide an excellent low-maintenance entertainment solution for your next corporate event. Make your events even more worthwhile and exciting for all involved with bleachers and other event accessories that can take your event to the next level.

Whether you’re hosting a sports-themed event or an annual charity dodgeball game, you can rent bleachers to save the hassle of setting up rows of individual folding chairs and give attendees ample seating that’s easy to store and transport. A 15-foot set of bleachers accommodates 40 people and places them all close to the center of the action, all while ensuring that nobody’s view is blocked. A 7-foot bleacher set seats an additional 15 people, so you can easily expand seating without the hassle of folding chairs or dragging around heavy benches.

You can rent additional event accessories to drive your theme home and offer your attendees extra comforts. At Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA, we offer football-themed decor and large football field rug rentals for football-themed events, and our basketball court inlay carpet flooring is similarly great for basketball-themed events. You can count on our concessions such as popcorn, hot dog, and cotton candy machine rentals to take your event from a 10 to an 11. Contact us today to rent event accessories that will help your next corporate occasion to leave a lasting impression with your co-workers, employees, and other guests!

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