PuttSkee Golf Putting Game Rental

For your next corporate event, offer your co-workers, employees, and other guests a unique combination of two classic games! PuttSkee Golf Putting combines the basics of golf putting with classic Skee Ball carnival gameplay for a unique experience that’s super easy to set up in any space, whether outdoors or indoors. This golf putting game rental comes with five game boards you can swap out at your next employee appreciation event, company picnic, carnival, or holiday party. With this PuttSkee Golf rental, you get the best of both worlds no matter the occasion!

Puttskee Golf Putting Game Features & Specs

  • Combine golf putting with classic carnival gameplay of skee ball
  • Lightweight game far easier to set up and transport than many other carnival rentals
  • Putter and two golf balls included, with more available upon request
  • Great for outdoor events such as carnivals and company picnics
  • Also useful for indoor occasions such as holiday parties and employee appreciation days
  • Five gameplay boards available to change difficulty and encourage two-team gameplay
  • DIMENSIONS: 6’ L x 1.5’ W x 2.5’ H
  • WEIGHT: 50 lbs
  • Pairs well with other carnival games like Skee Ball and sports games as well as team-building games and event accessories!
  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    72"l x 18"w x 30"h
  • Weight

    50 lbs


Rent PuttSkee Golf to combine the simplicity of golf putting with the classic carnival gameplay of Skee Ball at your next corporate event! This combination is sure to engage your co-workers, employees, and other event guests in all manner of settings. Plus, since it has just a few moving parts (including a putter and two golf balls, with more available upon request) that weigh orders of magnitude less than many classic carnival and sports games, this golf skee rental couldn’t be easier to set up in any space where you need it.

Since golf is a classic outdoor sport, you can rent PuttSkee Golf Putting Game for your next company picnic to entertain and amuse your colleagues with a game that only takes up a bit of space and doesn’t distract too much from anything else you’ve got going on. This golf skee ball rental game is safe for indoor use too since it’s all about putting instead of trying to send the ball long distances, so you can set it up along a far wall of your next ballroom affair or company holiday party to give your guest a simple, fun game option.

Why Puttskee Golf Putting Game?

Though it may seem like you’re giving your guests just one game option, you’re actually giving them five. That’s because this skee ball putting green combo includes five different gameplay boards, each of varying difficulties. Choose the Pongskee board to give your guests a gameplay experience that resembles beer pong. Go with the Pongskee Jr. board for an easier setup that’s great for two-team gameplay. Use the Target board for a slightly more challenging option or the Golfskee board for an especially demanding setup. For true skee ball style, there’s always the SkeePutt board to best emulate the classic carnival game.

PuttSkee Golf isn’t nearly your only carnival or sports game option. Rent a skeeball-putting green game alongside other carnival games including classic skee ball and Wiffle ball toss or other sports games such as Two Minute Drill Football Toss and Jet Pong (Electronic Beer Pong) to truly liven up your event!

  • PUTT AND SKEE: Two classics in one! PuttSkee Golf Putting combines the putting technique of golf, a beloved American sport, with the setup of skee ball, a classic American carnival game.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY: Many sports and carnival games can be slightly challenging to set up due to large, heavy parts. PuttSkee Golf has just a few moving parts that are all lightweight, so it’s not just setup that’s easy – moving this game across the room is just as hassle-free.
  • FIVE GAMES IN ONE: This game doesn’t just combine two classic games – it offers five gameplay options, too! You can choose from one of five gameplay boards with its own unique setup and difficulty, and if you ever get the itch to switch your chosen board, you can easily do so in just seconds.
  • WHEREVER, WHENEVER: Golf is a thoroughly outdoor sport, so naturally, this game is great for occasions such as carnivals and company picnics. Unlike full-size golf, though, this game is great for indoor use too since it’s of modest size and only involves putting, not long-distance, sky-high golf ball driving.


Renting Games for Your Events 

 Although it makes perfect sense to rent carnival games for your next carnival, you don’t have to limit yourself to just carnivals! Since carnival games are designed for outdoor settings, they’re great for entertaining your co-workers, employees, and other guests at your next company picnic or corporate retreat. You can bring them indoors too for all manner of other corporate events ranging from industry mixers to in-office team-building sessions!

Many carnival games are customizable too, meaning that you can decorate their outer wraps (or sometimes their interior materials) with your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding. Customization options provide extra engagement with guests who aren’t familiar with your company and its products, so customizable carnival games can work as marketing tools at product activations and trade shows, where they can increase the chances of guests swinging by your booth. Customization also means that you can change the appearance of your carnival game to better match any film sets you’re using your game to build – your project set at a carnival will look way more realistic with actual games in the background! Contact us today to rent a carnival game and bring out the best for your next event or project.


Additional information

Board Options

Pongskee, Pongskee Jr., Target, Golfskee, Skeeputt, Green Extension

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